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Press Release (Merit Media Relations, LLC)

Billions of packages each year of perishable, temperature-sensitive products wind their way through North America’s supply chain and confront every customer with a nagging question:  Has it been affected by freezing temperatures in transportation or storage?

Temperatures below 32° F (0° C) can impact products as diverse as fruits, vegetables, fresh fish and meat, flowers, agricultural products, ink, chemicals, solvents, paint, medical samples, vaccines, food home delivery and certain types of mail or freight.

When frozen, the ink changes color permanently and the message appears

What would you say if we told you that every packaging printer in the world wakes up today with the ability to print affordable, scalable cold-chain sensors, starting with freeze alert indicators?

Chromatic Technologies Inc. (CTI) has invented BlindSpotz™, a new patent-pending freeze-warning technology that can be printed directly on a package.  If the temperature of the package drops at or below 32° F (0° C) a colored symbol appears on the exterior of the package to quickly notify the supply chain that product has been damaged.

A partnership of American Thermal Instruments (ATI) and Chromatic Technologies Inc. (CTI) introduces freeze-warning technology that can be printed economically on individual packages to help protect the brand and consumer of medical supplies and foods, while dramatically saving money by lowering product waste.  CTI will handle the technical support for all on-package printing while ATI will manage the customer implementation of cold-chain monitoring and data in support of those opportunities.

The cold-chain market is expected to grow to US$293 billion dollars by 2023, a 54% increase over 2017. This growth can be attributed to the international trade of perishable foods, technological advancements in refrigerated storage & transport, government support for the infrastructural development of the cold-chain industry and increase in consumer demand for perishable foods. Also, expansion of food retail chains by multinationals will enhance international trade and impact the growth of the cold-chain market.   

The current cold-chain technology to record temperatures between 4°C (39° F) and -4° C (25° F) costs around $3 per device. CTI’s BlindSpotz™ freeze spot technology costs pennies per package. The CTI capability embeds the technology into an ink system that can be incorporated into the existing printing process for packaging.  Now billions of packages of lettuce, strawberries, flowers, paint and vaccines can be individually inspected for quality and safety.

Patrick Edson, CTI’s chief marketing officer, explains that “Every packaging company in the world that supports food, medical and industrial clients just got access to a new pipeline of innovation to help their clients improve quality, safety and create a better consumer experience.   It just requires one print station and the technology can be implemented.”

Randall Lane, ATI’s chief strategy officer, adds “We’ve been challenged by the pharmaceutical industry to create a simple, low-cost freeze indicator at the vial-level that is intuitive to a medical worker and offers the option to make it easy to record data of temperature damage, drug type and location.  BlindSpotz™ technology does all of this.

“The second big challenge is the reduction in food waste,” according to Lane.  Right now, if a truck delivering $50,000 in fresh produce is measured to be at 28° F during transportation, a customer’s internal policies will dictate if the shipment is rejected or accepted. With the BlindSpotz™ freeze indicator on individual packages or cases, the truck can be inspected and sorted.

“In this shipment for example, the technology may reveal that 30% of the truck’s packages are at risk, but the balance is fine.  BlindSpotz™ prevents $15,000 in bad product from reaching the customer, but also saves $35,000 in good inventory being returned, dramatically cutting costs of product waste, out-of-stocks and logistics,” added Lane.

Extensive government regulations from the Food and Drug Administration and the U.S. Department of Agriculture require cold-chain monitoring on any food and drug product affected by temperature.  The ability to now record data and inspect at the package level is an economical, dramatic improvement in monitoring and reporting.

BlindSpotz™ is available in UV and Water-based Flexo, Water-based Gravure, Wet Offset, UV-Wet Offset ink formulas, as well as finished devices.  Additional technology for devices and on-pack printing is available to alert in event of thawing, warming outside of refrigeration specifications, high-heat damage, tampering and verification of high-pressure pasteurization.

About American Thermal Instruments

            ATI is the company that quality and logistics managers alike turn to as the leader in temperature monitoring, inspections and asset tracking. ATI produces custom temperature monitoring solutions for industries that require the most accurate and measurable systems.

About Chromatic Technologies Inc.

CTI is the world’s largest producer of thermochromic ink and manufactures other environmentally reactive technology, such as photochromic, pressure activated, irreversible, reveal and glow-in-the dark.  CTI is an innovation company that supports the world’s biggest brands and package printers. 

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Press Release (City of Colorado Springs)

Banning Lewis Ranch
Banning Lewis Ranch

On Tuesday, April 24, Colorado Springs City Council voted to adopt the revised annexation agreement for Banning Lewis Ranch. The revised agreement brings requirements in line with City Code, aligns the agreement with other development practices across the city and is expected to encourage development in the city, changing the trend of development leapfrogging the area and occurring in the County. Banning Lewis Ranch is expected to welcome 62,000 residents over the next 30 years and generate $49M in net revenue for the City. Further, the projected growth is projected to add $41 Billion to the city’s economy over the same period. 

“Our city has made tremendous progress in the last couple of years, and as we anticipate continued growth, the revised Banning Lewis Ranch Annexation Agreement allows us to capitalize on that growth and recognize the enormous economic benefit it offers to our city,” said Mayor John Suthers. “The property has sat vacant for much too long, and that vacancy has cost us in terms of revenue and jobs. Now that the inequities in the agreement have been corrected, we expect to see both commercial and residential development, an improvement in our housing inventory and less urban sprawl due to the influx of developable land within the city limits. The agreement is the product of years of review, and the result is an intelligent blueprint for responsible and sustainable growth in the northeast quadrant of our city.”

The below data comes from the TischlerBise Economic and Fiscal Impact Analysis.

·         Development under the revised agreement is expected to generate at least $49 million over and above the cost of developing and servicing the area over the next 30 years. Further, the Colorado Springs economy is projected to grow by an estimated $41 billion and generate 35,000 new jobs over that time.  It would also bring in $434 Million in additional net revenue to Colorado Springs Utilities.

·         The proposed amended agreement allows land use and zoning to be as flexible as possible. We don’t know what the market conditions will dictate in the future.  There is no proposal to re-master plan the ranch with this agreement. It will allow for smaller development plans to come forward, and to be adaptable as the ranch develops over the next three to five decades.

·         The agreement is subject to the Park Land Dedication Ordinance, and presents opportunities for new parks, trails and open space.

 For more information on the revised Annexation Agreement, visit the BLR page on the City’s website.

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The Salvation Army,Fountain Valley Corp, celebrated the opening of their new location Thursday with a dedication ceremony and ribbon cutting.

Board members, The local VFW and other community leaders were on hand to show support.

The Salvation Army's main mission is Christian ministry, but they also provide a number of services to the community, including emergency response in the event of natural disasters, fires, floods or any situation where someone or some families need immediate assistance. They also have after school programs, food pantry and Christmas giveaways among other things.

The new location is at 208 Cunningham Dr, Colorado Springs, CO 80911. That's just a couple blocks west of Main Street and Leta. The building was purchased from Security Baptist Temple, who will also share space with and work alongside the Salvation Army.

You can reach the Fountain Valley Corp of the Salvation Army at 719-382-1182.

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Press Release (

Jetski Landscape, LLC. owned by Matthew Herjeczki of Colorado Springs, Colorado, was formally recognized in the inaugural CASE Kickstart Contest. With more than 350 entry submissions, Jetski Landscape, LLC. has proudly been named by CASE as a runner-up in the business development contest in which landscaping contractors entered to win a suite of prizes designed to take their company to the next level.

Herjeczki won a web-based consulting session with landscape contracting industry expert Jeffrey Scott; free CASE apparel for the staff and crew, and two complimentary admission tickets to the GIE+EXPO 2018 in Louisville, Kentucky. 

“This contest is about awarding the entrepreneurial spirit, and providing the resources to allow a young landscape business owner to reach their full potential,” says Michel Marchand, vice president – North America, CASE Construction Equipment.

For more information about Jetski Landscape LLC visit

CASE Construction Equipment sells and supports a full line of construction equipment around the world, including the No. 1 backhoe loaders, excavators, motor graders, wheel loaders, vibratory compaction rollers, crawler dozers, skid steers, compact track loaders and rough-terrain forklifts. Through CASE dealers, customers have access to a true professional partner with world-class equipment and aftermarket support, industry-leading warranties and flexible financing. More information is available at

CASE Construction Equipment is a brand of CNH Industrial N.V., a World leader in Capital Goods listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE: CNHI) and on the Mercato Telematico Azionario of the Borsa Italiana (MI: CNHI). More information about CNH Industrial can be found online at

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by Ed Duffy

When Courtney Jennings and John Kelley decided to move to Colorado Springs, they knew they wanted to start their own business. They just weren't sure exactly what. They moved here from Texas where John had worked in the catering business and Courtney was a production manager for a media company. They arrived in April and spent much of the summer kicking around different ideas.

They were actually away at a wedding in North Carolina when they saw their first tap trailer. A friend of John's, Rob Peters, had one there (he now has a half dozen). Courtney and John thought they could also be a hit in Colorado. Mr. Peters even agreed to come out to Colorado and help them get started.

What's a tap trailer? Well, it's a fully refrigerated, towable trailer with 5  taps and a drain along the side. Not only can you dispense beer, soda, cider, wine and/or other beverages, you can also store all your other perishables in one convenient location.

The trailers are 8'x4' and can be rented for $300 for the first day with discounts for two or more days. Tap trailers are great for weddings, festivals, events, reunions, graduations or any occasion where you'd like to make things easier.

You can reach Rocky Top Tap Trailers at 719-749-6170, email them at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and follow them on Facebook at