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For more than 10 years Fountain Valley area residents have been stopping by the drive-through at Chick’s Espresso in the Fountain Valley Shopping Center for their favorite beverage on their way to work, home, school or wherever they’re off to. (update: After the successful opening of the W. Colorado location, Susan sold the Fountain Valley drive through, it's now operating as Valley Espresso)

Now West-Siders can get in on the flavor. Owner, Susan Van Dam has opened Chick’s Espresso and Boba Tea Cafe within the Gotta Love It Market at 2521 W. Colorado Avenue. You’ll find Chick’s right up front, along with products of other Gotta Love It entrepreneurs.

Gotta Love It is actually a co-op kitchen. It’s the brain child of Debbie and Jerry Downing. Now midway through their second year of operation, they’ve already helped launch several successful businesses and have some of their own preparing for next level success. The Gotta Love It Kitchen leases facilities and space to independent entrepreneurs, such as Tabor Mountain Bakehouse (a gluten free baker), Her Story Cafe (you’ve probably seen their soup truck around town), Lavender Mountain Bakery (scones, biscotti, shortbread), Tinat de Toro (catering, pastries and cooking classes), Grandma Frutosa’s Chile Salsas, Mountain Lightning Salsa, Not Just Pesto, Monse’s Taste of El Salvador and Creative Wedding Cakes of Colorado Springs.

Debbie and Jerry have some brands of their own under development as well. Their Pockitz sandwiches are best described as sandwiches baked into the bread, and have been a huge hit. You can get anything from Cheeseburger, to Philly Steak, Ham and Cheese and now a new line of breakfast Pockitz among many other varieties. Their other brands include Gotta Love Garlic and Cookie Stop.

The incubator/kitchen has only been in operation 18 months, but has already seen businesses outgrow the co-op. Myabella Cupcakes moved into their own space, right across the street. Her Story Cafe will soon be opening their own facility on Widefield Blvd. Simply Bliss Bakery and Mile High Whoopie Pie Company teamed up and opened a place on the north side of town and Afternoon Delights now has their own place in Woodland Park.

Leasing space from a facility like Gotta Love It Kitchen is a great way to try new concepts and develop products and business models without making the substantial investment in commercial space and equipment up-front. for more information on Gotta Love it, call Debbie or Jerry at 719-314-8714.

You can reach Susan at Chick’s at 719-210-1360.

Congratulations to both Chick’s Espresso & Boba Tea Cafe and Gotta Love It Kitchen on their success to date.  Both are already mulling over future expansions. Best of luck and keep us posted.

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By Robert Hedden

Stellar Care and Services helps adults with developmental disabilities be active members of their mainstream community and experience all aspects of community life like every other adult. In return, we believe communities are healthier when all people contribute according to their strengths.

The Stellar Care supported community connections day program services are designed with the goal of increasing the individual's independence with support and/or training to enable the increased mobility, decision-making, self-advocacy, money management, consumer skills, relationship building, and communication skills that allow persons with developmental disabilities to live, thrive and take their place in the world. Each person’s activities reflect their personal definition of a Meaningful Day. Each day’s activity should help move the individual closer to a specified outcome identified in his/her Individual Service Support Plan. Stellar Care takes pride to find a good fit between our staff and the person served. Our staff are trustworthy, person-centered, supportive, creative, reliable, positive people who are respectful of the persons they serve. Stellar Care staff pick up at the person’s home and transport them to activities in their local community.

We believe that everyone has the right to participate in activities that most adults in our society take for granted…including enjoying areal vacation that provides the opportunity for personal growth, recreation, and socialization. Stellar Care Vacations are affordable, chaperoned travel opportunities for adults with developmental disabilities. Vacations in 2012 include Breckenridge, Mardi Gras, San Diego, Hawaii, Alaska, The Bahamas, New York, Seattle, San Francisco, New England, Disney World, and Las Vegas! All Vacation Trips and Day Trips leave from Colorado Springs.

Stellar Care Day Trips planned for this year mayinclude visits to the top of Pikes Peak, the Garden of the Gods, Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, Will Rogers Memorial, Air Force Academy, Rock Ledge Ranch, Olympic Training Center, Seven Falls, and other attractions in the Colorado Springs area. Day Trips may include outings to Denver to visit the Zoo, Colorado History Museum, Art Museum, Aquarium, Botanic Gardens, Museum of Nature and Science, or Elitch Gardens Amusement Park; or to Estes Park, Rocky Mountain National Park, the Colorado State Fair, Colorado festivals…and even river rafting excursions!

Information presentations about Stellar Care Vacations are held at 6 p.m. on the 3rd Tuesday of each month in the Stellar Care office located at 225 E. Cheyenne Mountain Blvd., Suite 140. Contact (719) 229-4935 or visit

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 Press Release (Bass Pro Shops)

Store to open in 2013

Bass Pro Shops, America’s most popular outdoor store, has signed a Letter of Intent (LOI) to be part of the new 200-acre Copper Ridge development on Colorado Springs’ north side, according to developer Gary Erickson who negotiated the deal. This new location of a Bass Pro Shops®

Sportsman’s Center off Interstate 25 and North Gate Boulevard will overlook the Air Force Academy, and with its convenient location, will attract tourists and travelers to the entire Pikes Peak region and will initially generate at least 250 jobs.

“We will break ground on the approximately 117,000 square foot store in April, and expect it to open in the summer of 2013,” Erickson said. “We will start preparing the site next month. I am grateful for the collective and broad-based support from the Mayor, City Council, and Planning Commission, together with the Air Force Academy, Colorado Division of Transportation and other entities, without whom this significant undertaking would not be possible,” he said, also adding that it’s been an eight-year planning process.

The recently completed North Gate Boulevard, a $10 million investment by local developers, creates easy access to Bass Pro Shops from the Air Force Academy, Interstate 25, Highway 83, and eventually Powers Boulevard when it is extended to Interstate 25. The partnership with City of Colorado Springs will continue with improvements to infrastructure related to this exciting new development.

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When you look at the finished product you might think it took hours of meticulous craftsmanship. Well, the initial software and graphic design may have, but manufacturing intricate micro-machines and perhaps macro-machines, by the millions may soon be done with very little human effort whatsoever.

One consequence might be that wage differentials from one country to the next could become a moot point, as human labor becomes an insignificant factor in manufacturing cost.


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Luisjoe Ybarra Jr. took first place at the One Springs Boxing Show this weekend at Memorial Park in Colorado Springs.

Luisjoe defeated Joel Cerventezs in the 10-12yr old 80lbs weight division. This was Luisjoe’s first boxing match since January 4th in Pasidena CA, where he placed 3rd in the Silver Gloves regionals. His next stop is the State Golden Gloves at the Crown Plaza Convention Center in Aurora, CO,  March 14th-17th, 2012.  

Tristain Ortiz, placed second in the 70lbs, 10yr old division.  Both Luisjoe an Tristan box out of Ybarra's Boxing GYM at 30 Widefield Blvd. Luisjoe is a fifth grader at French  Elementary in Security, CO and Tristain is also a 5th grader at Weikel Elementary on Ft. Carson. Congratulations to both of them.

For  more Info: Contact Ybarra's Boxing GYM at 719-237-6982 or E-Mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.