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Basic Meanings - Meanings of the Taegeuk Forms

Forms, or Poomses in Korean language, are a series of defending and attacking movements performed against imaginary opponents in a set pattern. Through the practice of forms, students come to learn the applications of various techniques of Tae Kwon Do. Forms serve a multi-dimensional role, aiding in development and refinement of coordination, balance, timing, breath control and rhythm, all of which are essential skills to the Tae Kwon Do student.

The World Tae Kwon Do Federation has 8 colored belt forms and 9 black belt forms. The colored belt forms are all numbered one to eight and are called Taegeuk.

Palgwe is the fundamental oriental philosophy dealing with man and the universe. It speaks about the duals that exist in nature such as good and evil, fire and water, heaven and earth, peace and conflict, etc.

Taegeuk - Tae in this context means bigness and Geuk means eternity.

Taegeuk then is that which is the essence of everything, it has no beginning and no end.

Each form is a combination of techniques of block and attack performed consecutively while moving in certain directions. These are a series of forms designed to correspond with each learning level from beginner to advance. The proper way to learn and practice Taegeuk Forms is to first know the name of the form, then determine the three components of each movement in the order of:
    1.    Direction
    2.    Stance
    3.    Technique of block or attack

Taegeuk 1 (IL JANG) - A series of actions expressing the KEON principle of Palgwe. KEON represents heaven and light, which is the beginning of everything.

Taegeuk 2 (YI JANG) - A series of actions expressing the TAE principle of Palgwe. TAE represents joyfulness so this should be performed gently but firmly. This principle teaches us that mind must remain firm, but outwardly we must appear gentle.

Taegeuk 3 (SAM JANG) - A series of actions expressing the RI principle of Palgwe. RI represents fire and the sun. Fire gives us warmth and the sun gives us light, and both represent hope. It should be performed rhythmically, with some outbursts of energy and with passion.

Taegeuk 4 (SA JANG) - A series of actions expressing the JIN principle of Palgwe. JIN represents thunder. Thunder and lightening are sources of fear and danger. This principle teaches us that we must remain calm and brave when faced with danger and fear.

Taegeuk 5 (OH JANG) - A series of actions expressing the SEON principle of Palgwe. SEON represents the wind. While wind can be terrible as in a tornado, the nature of wind is gentle. This principle teaches us that we must remain humble in mind, and only act forcefully when we must.

Taegeuk 6 (YOOK JANG) - A series of actions expressing the GAM principle of Palgwe. GAM represents water and the principle teaches us that we must proceed with confidence when facing difficulty and hardship if we are to overcome them.

Taegeuk 7 (CHIL JANG) - A series of actions expressing the GAN principle of Palgwe. GAN represents the Mountain. It teaches us that we must attain the stability of the mountain. We must not act in a hasty manner and should know when to proceed and when to stop.

Taegeuk 8 (PAL JANG) - A series of actions expressing the GON principle of Palgwe, which is defined as the quality of being receptive. GON represents the earth, which is the cradle of life. It is the earth that embodies the creative forces of heaven.

•Taegeuk 1 (IL JANG): Keon - Symbolizes heaven and light and has 18 movements.
•Taegeuk 2 (YI JANG): Tae - Symbolizes joyfulness and has 18 movements.
•Taegeuk 3 (SAM JANG): Ri - Symbolizes fire and sun and has 20 movements.
•Taegeuk 4 (SA JANG): Jin - Symbolizes thunder and has 20 movements.
•Taegeuk 5 (OH JANG): Seon – Symbolizes wind and has 20 movements.
•Taegeuk 6 (YOOK JANG): Gam - Symbolizes water and has 23 movements.
•Taegeuk 7 (CHIL JANG): Gan – Symbolizes the mountain and has 25 movements.
•Taegeuk 8 (PAL JANG): Gon – Symbolizes the earth and has 24 movements.

Count to ten in Korean:

Duel (tool)
Egolb (eegulp)


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Easy Street Designs

Neighborhood Values direct mail postcards

The Neighborhood Values postcard products take advantage of the U.S. Postal Service's Every Door Direct program. Cards are mailed without addresse on them, to entire carrier routes, rather than to a list. This results in big savings on postage, which we can combine with design, printing and delivery to the post office to provide a very affordable, convenient means for businesses to reach nearby customers with full color direct mail pieces.


Singles - 60¢ each includes postage, layout,

printing, bundling and delivery to post office!


For a single company mailing,  the ad space on each side is 9.5" x 6.5" less a small space for the postage indicia. When you factor in both sides, it's essentially a full page of full color ad space on 100lb gloss cover stock. This allows for graphics, photo, information, qr codes and coupons if you like.  Cost is just 60 cents per address, which includes layout, full color digital printing, postage and delivery of you cards to the appropriate post office in the proper format.

We'll help you select the carrier route(s) as well. Cards must be mailed within the Colorado Springs, Security, Widefield or Fountain areas. Minimum for the Every Door Direct program is 200. However you need to select entire carrier routes, which are typically more like 500-600 addresses each. Once your card is designed and approved by you, we'll print it, bundle it according to USPS specs, attach the appropriate paperwork and confirm with you delivery to the post office. Allow 1-3 days from proof approval to drop at post office.

To get started on your Neighborhood Values mailing, call Easy Street Designs at 719-390-5080, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or stop by the shop at 51 Widefield Blvd, Colorado Springs, CO from 8:30am to 6pm Monday through Friday and from 10am to 2pm Saturday.




 Co-op Mailings - 10¢ each includes postage, layout, printing and delivery to post office!

Our cooperative marketing mailings are currently available in 80911, 80817 and 80925 zip codes. About every two to three weeks we select an area that encompasses  2,000 - 3,500 residential addresses to mail. These postcards have six full color ads (3 on each side) measuring 3.75" x 4.25". These cards are also printed on 100lb gloss cover stock and measure 12"x6" in total. The sides are printed upside down from one another so that coupons (if any) will have minimal impact on a coupon on the opposite side.

The cost is just 10 cents per address per advertiser; for example $250 (and some tax) for a 2,500 piece mailing. Again, price includes layout if needed, printing, postage, prep and delivery to post office.

We post updates on where we're going next and when on,  FacebookTwitter and LinkedIn. Of course you can always call, email or stop by to get information as well.

To reserve a spot on an upcoming mailing, call Easy Street Designs at 719-390-5080, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or stop in at 51 Widefield Blvd, Colorado Springs, CO from 8:30am to 6pm Monday through Friday and from 10am to 2pm Saturday


Printing Only

We'll print your EDDM postcards on 100lb gloss cover stock, with indicia, 9.5"x6.5", full color both sides, no bleeds for:

200 minimum - 45 Cents each

500-1000 - 35 cents each

1000+ - 30 cents each

Layout included!







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If you're a local independent business person, crafter or artist who would like to show off your wares, Her Story Cafe can help. Her Story Cafe, at 2356 S. Academy Blvd in Colorado Springs, teams up with a local entrepreneur each Saturday. From 1pm to 3pm they can set up a display, offer samples and show and tell folks about their business or their art.

There's no charge for the space, but owner Liz Rozenbaum expects participants to promote their event a couple of weeks out. It's a great way for others to promote themselves and it helps generate traffic and introduce new people to the Cafe.

This past Saturday, Amanda Gentile of Palace Portraits and Photography was on hand as part of a "mini glam session', which included lunch, make-up and a photo shoot.

They're currently booked through March, but if you're interested in booking a Saturday, visit Liz at Her Story Cafe at 2356 S. Academy Blvd (Astrozon and Academy) Tuesday - Friday 7 am - 3 pm
Saturdays 8 am - 3 pm.

More on Her Story Cafe

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Her Story Cafe officially celebrated their grand opening this past weekend. The cafe actually opened in April of this year. The lunch truck is still out there as well. Check the schedule at

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Dealing with insurance companies can sometimes be tedious, to put it kindly. When you’re a contractor, it’s not just a matter of frustration. Getting it wrong can cost real money and jeapardize one’s business. There is a new company in town whose goal is to help contractors in dealings and negotiations with insurance companies. They are In House Adjuster Staffing (IHAS). Their adjusters handle insurance supplements, billing, and negotiations on behalf of contractors.  Their fee is based on the amount they get for the contractor over and above the original estimate.

Founder, Corey Pate has been in the construction industry for over 30 years and he has been a general contractor since 1983. His staff of adjusters are fully licensed in many states. In 2008,  as yet another recession was well underway, he decided to share his experience assisting other contractors. He realized one of the biggest obstacles of doing insurance restoration work was dealing with the insurance companies. He started small, helping local contractors with the invoicing and negotiations of their insurance jobs. Recently the company expanded, and now assists contractors all over the United States.

In March of 2012, Corey started planning for the nationwide expansion. He hired  Elaine Giardini, a former insurance agent, as the office manager. She has been assisting Corey to get IHAS running full steam. In March and April IHAS hired several additional office staff including several licensed adjusters and created an accounting department. They also took on a full time Sales and Marketing Director, Greg Wickherst, a former general contractor. 

So what exactly does In House Adjuster Staffing do? Mr. Pate explains, “We save contractors time, money and the headaches of dealing with insurance companies. The phone calls and paperwork are no longer on the contractors’ shoulders. This frees them up to do what they do best, sales and marketing. Think of it this way. Who would you rather have doing your taxes: a ten dollar an hour employee on your staff, or a team of ex-IRS agents, CPA’s and financial investors with years of experience that work only on commission?”

For more information  IHAS can be reached at 800-775-8667. You can also find them on the web at IHASLLC.COM, and on Facebook - InHouse AdjusterStaffing.