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Every year, almost every industry improves.

By John Stossel

We get more choices -- usually better choices, for less money.

"But of all the products we make and the services we provide, there's one that stands out as an exception," according to the Cato Institute's Andrew Coulson. "One activity in which excellence doesn't spawn countless imitators or spread on a massive scale: schooling."

Why not? What can be done about it? These questions are asked and often answered by Coulson's new PBS TV series "School Inc." It's a wonderful three hours, reaching back years to America's first experiments in education and traveling the world to look at schools in Chile, England, Sweden, India and Korea. In Korea, top teachers make millions.

Why haven't American schools improved? The education establishment says, "We don't have enough money!" But American schools spend more per student than other countries. Spending tripled during Coulson's lifetime and class sizes dropped. But test scores stay flat.

"Schools adopted all sorts of new technologies, from projectors to personal computers to 'smart' whiteboards," says Coulson. "None of these inventions improved outcomes ... Educational quality has been stuck in the era of disco and leisure suits for 40 years, while the rest of the world has passed it by."

The main reason for that is that most schools are controlled by government. Government is a monopoly, and monopolies resist change.

Actually, most of us resist change. We don't want to give up the way we've always done things. Certainly, few of us want to work harder, or differently. We get set in our ways.

But when there is competition, we can't get away with that. If we don't adopt better ways of doing things, we go out of business. That forces innovation.

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Press Release


The team of IT experts at Colorado Computer Support is thrilled to announce that they have been named to this year’s Top 100 Vertical Market MSPs list by ChannelE2E. Every year ChannelE2E releases a number of extensively researched lists that rank MSP service providers in a variety of categories, and this year Colorado Computer Support is honored to have been recognized as a dynamic and strategic IT provider in Colorado.

ChannelE2E is committed to tracking the work of strategic IT MSPs throughout their business lifecycle from entrepreneurship to exit. ChannelE2E is passionate about recognizing IT service strategies that work and drive influential change in the marketplace. Through their research, the ChannelE2E team determines the key performance indicators within the industry including: business development, talent recruitment, management, financial models, marketing, sales and customer engagement. Using these indicators, ChannelE2E is then able to position industry players in a way that acknowledges and celebrates success while also fostering inspiration and growth through the optimization of business productivity and performance.

The Top 100 Vertical Market MSPs list is compiled based on an assessment of Q1 industry results and this year, Colorado Computer Support received a ranking of 33! This is an incredibly valued accomplishment for Colorado Computer Support, that truly aligns with their business vision and mission. The Colorado Computer Support team is committed to providing forward-thinking and reliable IT support for Colorado businesses. Their ability to provide extensive managed IT services, strategic IT guidance and innovative consultation, Colorado Computer Support has earned themselves a unique and celebrated market position in the managed IT service industry.

Blake Schwank, President & CEO at Colorado Computer Support, is incredibly proud of the entire team for this accomplishment.

“At Colorado Computer Support, we continually strive to deliver the very best IT support and strategy to every business we work with,” Schwank says. “To be recognized as one of the top in our field, by a leading industry publication, is an accomplishment that motivates us greatly.

“We’ve been named to this list many times in the past and are excited to have once again been recognized by ChannelE2E,” Schwank continues. “We look forward to upholding leading standards of service excellence for as long as we’re in operation.”

Blake Schwank is available for an immediate interview about this exciting accomplishment for Colorado Computer Support.

About Colorado Computer Support:

CCS provides IT services, computer and networking solutions, and Apple/Mac support to businesses in Colorado Springs, El Paso County, Florence, Pueblo and throughout the State of Colorado including Metro Denver, Littleton, Boulder, and Aurora. They also support business and institutions along the I-70 and I-25 corridors. The CCS team is committed to providing clients with IT solutions that promote cost efficiency, security, mobility and a meaningful strategy.

For more information about Colorado Computer Support please visit:

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By Ed Duffy

Whirlyball, a fun indoor sport that is kind of a mashup of bumper cars and hockey, had it’s Grand Opening this past Saturday.

They held a pre-grand opening on Friday night and were nice enough to invite me to check it out.

The first thing I noticed is that it’s not just Whirlyball. They’ve got a bowling alley, with nice comfortable lounge seating, a full bar with 24 craft brews on tap, delicious food and plenty of seating, and they’ve got a banquet room as well. Oh yeah, and two Whirlyball arenas.

The game is really fun. It took a minute or so to get used to the steering, but it’s pretty simple. There are two teams of up to 5 players each, riding in “Whirlybugs”. You have a scoop, which you used to catch, pass, pick up the Whirlyball (like a wiffel ball) and either pass it or take a shot at the target. If you hit the target, your team scores two points. After 10 minutes, high score wins. There is a referee in a window overlooking the arena. If you commit a foul, such as picking up the ball with your hands, he/she awards the other team two points.

In between games I enjoyed a couple of craft brews, a buffalo chicken slider, a couple ribs and a reuben egg roll.

Here’s a little video of a demo game. For more information visit or


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Press Release

Fountain's newest consignment boutique, Harper Grace, is now open limited hours.  June 16th we had our soft Grand Opening- and we would like to thank everyone who came out to show us their support. The store is located at 51 Widefield Blvd, just a few buildings south of Widefield Blvd and Fontaine.

We will have limited hours beginning June 16-July 11, as we are still adding new inventory and working on our shop!  So be sure to check our Facebook page for store closures or delays.

We are taking consignment appointments for every size, Newborn-14, summer clothing only.  We are also accepting baby equipment.  Call us to schedule a consignment appointment at 719-434-1363.  For more information about our policies visit​.

Follow us on Facebook at

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Update from CJ's 06/27/17 - Hi everyone, Due to unforeseen circumstances we will not be located at 324 Main Street in Security. We will post something as soon as we have more information.


Nik & Nak consignment store in Security-Widefield is under new ownership. They’ve changed the name and they’re looking to expand and add vendors.

CJ’s Marketplace is having a meeting this Friday for anyone interested in becoming a vendor, at 6pm.

Owner Amanda DesBouillons and her partners, Christy and Janet (mom and aunt) have had a space at what was Nik and Nak almost since they opened. When the opportunity to buy the business presented itself, they decided to take the plunge.


CJ’s Marketplace has all kinds of items from tools to household, furniture, art, gifts, collectables and more. They’re open Tuesday through Sunday from 9:30 am to 5pm.

Like/Follow them on Facebook at