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Press Release (CO Dept of Economic Development and International Trade)

A Colorado company focused on improving education by turning digital devices – desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones – into gateways to musical creativity and self-esteem for kids is among 27 Colorado start-ups approved for funding as part of the Colorado Office of Economic Development and International Trade (OEDIT)’s Advanced Industries Accelerator Grant Program. A total of $6,125,730 was approved this grant cycle for Proof-of-Concept and Early Stage Capital and Retention Grants to support Colorado’s advanced industries.

“Funding a diverse cross-section of innovative companies in Colorado’s key industries  is one of the ways we fuel the economy,” said Michelle Hadwiger, global business development director. “ These grants help expand Colorado’s economic ecosystem, spurring job growth and innovation.”

27 Colorado companies were approved to receive Proof-of-Concept and Early Stage Capital Grants for a total of $6,125,730.00 (See list below). Proof-of-Concept grants are open to Colorado research universities, federal labs located in Colorado and other labs with valid technology transfer offices for pre-commercialization research and commercialization preparation. Early Stage Capital and Retention grants fund companies commercializing innovative technologies to create viable products that meet a market need and can be created or manufactured in Colorado and exported globally.

Additionally, two Colorado companies – Nikola Power and Global Weather and Climate Solutions (dba IQ Planet) – successfully met all of its performance milestones and was approved for second round or “transition” funding for a total of $189,365.

The AI Accelerator Grant program received 100 applications this grant cycle. Applications were reviewed by committees of business, technical and financial experts, as well as an industry-specific reviewer. 21 companies were invited to participate in a pitch session in May with the full AI committee. Final recommendations were approved by the Economic Development Commission on May 16, 2019.

The next application cycle for Proof-of-Concept and Early Stage Capital and Retention Grants will open on July 1, 2019 and applications will be due September 3, 2019.

The Advanced Industry Accelerator Programs (AIA) were created in 2013 to promote growth and sustainability in Colorado’s advanced industries by driving innovation, accelerating commercialization, encouraging public-private partnerships, increasing access to early stage capital and creating a strong infrastructure that increases the state’s capacity to be globally competitive. AIA encompasses three distinct grant programs: Proof of Concept, Early Stage Capital and Retention, and Commercialization Infrastructure.

Proof-of-Concept and Early Stage Capital Grants

RoGo Fire –  Westminster, CO  $100,000 - RoGo Fire is developing an advanced satellite integrated communication solution including devices and software designed to enable wildland firefighters to communicate and access data in remote areas where cellular service is unreliable or not available. Our mission is to deliver a communication system that will reduce line of duty deaths, firefighting expense and property damage, as well as improve firefighter situational awareness by ensuring a productive deployment of emergency responders.

Voormi, LLC – Pagosa Springs, CO $500,000 – VOORMI is a company built around the convergence of textiles and technology. From advanced manufacturing techniques, to the seamless integration of consumer technology, VOORMI believes that bringing a *Silicon Valley* lens to the fabric that touches your body every day will truly change what we come to expect from the clothing we wear. As we look forward, we see a future where that same level of foundational comfort brings with it an endless world of connectivity and services.

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Press Release

Wednesday afternoon, Visit Colorado Springs held its annual business meeting at Doolittle Hall on the grounds of the United States Air Force Academy. VCOS unveiled its 2018 Annual Report citing a 7.5 percent increase in Lodgers and Automobile Rental Tax collections, and a 2.45 percent increase in hotel occupancy over 2017. The day’s “excellence on the horizon” theme highlighted tourism, athletic and education initiatives for 2019 and beyond.

Speakers included new Air Force Academy Director of Athletics, Nathan Pine, Miles Partnership Travel Media Sales and Marketing Executive, Pat Attkisson, and VCOS President and CEO, Doug Price. Price noted the importance of mapping a responsible and sustainable tourism future with VCOS’ Destination Master Plan initiatives and a Leave No Trace partnership. Price also announced a new venture with the University of Colorado Colorado Springs and Pikes Peak Community College to develop future industry leaders with a hospitality curriculum at each campus.

“As we see tourism’s trajectory grow, we also see a large industry need to identify and groom local tourism talent. We’re developing a multi-year program through two of our colleges to identify future leaders to feed the talent pipeline for the Pikes Peak region’s third largest industry, benefitting our entire community,” said Price.

Attkisson echoed the benefits of tourism, specifically through regional and Colorado Tourism Office marketing efforts citing as the most-visited tourism destination website in the country. Colorado’s state visitation numbers reflect excellence in another record-breaking year that contributed $20.9 billion to Colorado’s economy.

Pine reiterated the Air Force Academy’s mission to develop leaders of excellence and character, and how the mission is supported by his Division I sports programs. “Athletics are an important pillar of the leadership process. These values serve our young men and women well,” said Pine. The Air Force Academy is currently ranked 49th amongst the country’s Division I schools.

Sponsors Gray Line Tours, Ent Business Banking, RHW Hotels, Hotel Eleganté, Air Force Athletics, Association of Graduates, Miles Partnership and DocuMart all helped make the event possible.

The 2018 VCOS Annual Report can be downloaded here.

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Press Release (City of Fountain)

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by Ed Duffy

All County property management of Colorado Springs is an independent franchise owned by Scott and Tami Glascock. Both are retired NCO's who, like many of us, believe Colorado Springs is a "great place to live and a great place to invest."

As veterans themselves, they've been landlords, tenants and soldiers and want to help the men and women serving at all of our area military bases, retirees and civilians alike, make the most of the opportunities for owning, renting or investing here.

All County Colorado Springs serves the front range from Monument to Pueblo. They currently have between 400 and 500 residences under management from single family homes to 30 unit apartment complexes. They primarily serve the residential market, but do have some commercial and mixed use properties as well.

For a 10% management fee, All County provides full service property management, including marketing, screening, rent collection, property inspections, tenant services and arranging for repairs when needed. They have 3 licensed property managers as well as accountants, maintenance coordinators and "runners" to ensure both owners and tenants are well served.

For the renter, the website makes it easy to pay rent, request maintenance, get information and forms and even links to financial assistance and other resources.

Whether you're an owner or a renter, "We offer the best in communication, transparency and simplicity." says marketing manager Damaris McCowan, who's been with the company since she relocated to Colorado Springs 5 years ago. "We're always on call, 24 hours. Our fees are clearly defined with no surprise upcharges and we strive to keep the experience stress free for all parties."

All County marketing manager, Damarias McCowan

All County Colorado Springs is located at 503 Edison Avenue, 80915. You can reach them at (719) 445-7172, visit them on the web at and follow them on Facebook at