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Our 49th Annual Fountain Fall Festival is scheduled to take place on September 3rd 2018, at Metcalfe Park in Fountain, Colorado.

Parade and Booth Applications are now being accepted with a Deadline of August 13th, make sure to summit your application today!

Visit ( Events- 2018 Fall Festival) Booth Application, Parade Application to submit your application online or visit Fountain Valley Chamber of Commerce's office at

116 S Main St
Fountain, CO 80817
Hours of operation
Tuesday and Thursday
8 am - 1 pm

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Press Release

Citizens in El Paso County now have a new option to renew their vehicle registration without leaving their home or office -- Gov2Go, the nation’s first personal assistant for government.  Individuals who download the Gov2Go app will receive renewal reminders and can renew their vehicle tags from the convenience of their cell phones. After users download Gov2Go and create profiles, they’ll receive reminders when their vehicle tags are due and will have the ability to complete the transaction online. Users can show their stored electronic receipts, if needed, until their vehicle tags arrive in the mail.

“We strive to take an innovative approach when it comes to customer service, the nature of how citizens interact with government has changed,” said Chuck Broerman, El Paso County Clerk and Recorder. “Many of us live in Colorado because we love all this state has to offer. Gov2Go permits us to utilize technology, allowing our residents to fill their day with work, family, school and recreation.”

A unique feature of Gov2Go is that it isn’t just a single-purpose application. “Gov2Go is a platform that makes it easier for citizens to interact with government on all levels,” said Colorado Interactive President and General Manager, Fred Sargeson. “Although users will initially see its convenience for handling vehicle registration renewals, Gov2Go will help them stay on top of election and voter information, government holidays, receive AMBER Alerts and purchase digital passes for select federal parks.”  Available in all 50 states, the Gov2Go platform is designed to expand and adapt with future technologies. 

The smart phone app can be downloaded from the App Store or on Google Play.

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Three-day training to stop active Killers, Medically Save Lives

Press Release

FASTER* Colorado —an organization committed to making our school children as safe as possible— announces the 2018 FASTER Colorado training schedule for armed school staff members. The first class is June 11-13 and will be held in Adams County, CO. The training is organized by Coloradans for Civil Liberties (CCL), in partnership with Independence Institute.
FASTER Colorado launched its first training class in 2017.

FASTER Colorado curriculum includes skills to stop active shooter situations, as well as tactical medical training to deal with related injuries such as gunshot wounds.
“Colorado law already allows K-12 school staff to carry a concealed firearm on campus, provided they are designated by their school board, or charter school board, as a school security officer,” said Laura Carno, co-founder of Coloradans for Civil Liberties and Founder of FASTER Colorado. “Many dozens of school staff in Colorado are already so designated. We want them to have access to world-class training in stopping active killers and saving lives.”
The tuition is $1,000 per class member, and scholarships are available. According to Amy Cooke, Independence Institute’s Executive VP, “We have raised scholarship money, because we never want lack of training budget to keep any school personnel from having access to this lifesaving training. We are honored to partner with CCL to help save the lives of Colorado’s school children.”

Members of the media may attend portions of the class, and conduct interviews with: FASTER Colorado Founder, Laura Carno, FASTER Colorado’s trainers (all active-duty law enforcement), and Evan Todd (Columbine survivor). At class time, there may be class attendees who are open to interviews. We ask that media not report the names, schools, or images of class attendees without that individual’s express consent.  

For more information and additional class dates, please go to 
*Faculty/Administrator Safety Training and Emergency Response

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Press Release (El Paso County)

The El Paso County Clerk and Recorder’s Office has mailed approximately 375,000 ballots to active registered Democratic, Republican and Unaffiliated voters for the 2018 Primary Election.  The ballots should arrive in voters’ mailboxes Friday of this week.

Ballots sent will contain contests for U.S. House, Governor, Secretary of State, Treasurer, Attorney General, CU Regent, Board of Education, State Senate, State House, County-wide offices and Commissioner District one and five.  

“This is an exciting election season,” said Clerk and Recorder Chuck Broerman.  “This Primary Election is the last step that will help determine the candidates on this November’s General Election Ballot. For the first time, Unaffiliated voters can cast a vote and make their voice heard. Unaffiliated voters who did not choose a ballot preference will receive a ballot packet containing two ballots, Republican and Democratic. It is essential the Unaffiliated voter only votes and returns one ballot.”

Voters have many convenient options for returning their voted ballot.  The Clerk and Recorder’s Office has fifteen 24/7 ballot drop-boxes located throughout the county.  98.6% of the county’s population lives within a fifteen minute drive of one of these locations.  Voters also may return their ballot through the U.S. Postal Service.  However, voters should affix adequate postage and mail their ballot in enough time for delivery to the Clerk’s Office before the deadline of 7:00 p.m. on Election Day, June 26. The Clerk’s Office recommends that voters do not return their voted ballot by mail after June 20.

Any voter needing a replacement ballot or other in-person services may visit the Clerk and Recorder’s Office at the Citizens Service Center at 1675 West Garden of the Gods Road.  Other Voter Service and Polling Centers will open at a later date.

For more information about the election, including sample Primary Election ballots, voters should visit or call (719) 575-VOTE (8683).

All voted ballots must be returned to the Clerk and Recorder’s Office by 7:00 p.m. on Election Day, June 26, to be counted.  Postmarked ballots received after the deadline cannot be counted.

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Press Release (BusinessWire)

Walmart today unveiled a new associate education benefit designed to remove barriers to college enrollment and graduation. The program is another step in the company’s commitment to train and educate workers to advance in the jobs of today -- and the future.

In partnership with Guild Education, a leading education benefits platform, Walmart associates will be able to access affordable, high-quality associate’s and bachelor’s degrees in Business or Supply Chain Management. Under the program, which will be made available to all Walmart U.S. and Sam’s Club associates, Walmart will subsidize the cost of higher education, beyond financial aid and an associate contribution equivalent to $1 a day. Degrees will be offered through the University of Florida, Brandman University and Bellevue University – nonprofit schools selected for their focus and strong outcomes on serving working adult learners.

“Investing in the personal and professional success of our associates is vital to Walmart’s future success. We know training and learning opportunities empower associates to deliver for customers while growing and advancing in their careers,” said Greg Foran, CEO of Walmart U.S.

Highlights of the program include:


Under the program, the associate contribution toward a college degree would be just $1 a day. Walmart will subsidize the cost of tuition, books and fees, eliminating the need for student loan debt and addressing one the biggest hurdles that keep people from returning to college.
 In addition, associates can jumpstart their path to completion by earning college credit for paid training at Walmart Academies. Hundreds of thousands of associates have already undergone skills training equivalent to more than $210 million in college credits. This will save associates both time and money in completing their degree.


Walmart selected universities with a specialized focus on serving working adult learners and top outcomes for the working adult demographic. In addition, Walmart is collaborating with these universities to tailor curriculum to relevant skills for jobs and advancement across industries for today and in the future.


Working with three universities that include both selective and open-access programs, Walmart provides all associates a place to start. The goal is for all associates who apply for admission to be accepted. These universities have a programmatic dedication to high graduation rates for their students.

From day one, associates will receive support from a Guild Education coach on everything from the application and enrollment process to selecting the appropriate degree. This kind of academic counseling has been shown to help students complete their degree.

“Walmart has kicked off what might be the nation’s most scalable approach to creating educational opportunity for America’s workforce, now available to its U.S. associates and their families,” said Rachel Carlson, chief executive officer and co-founder of Guild Education. “Walmart is also leading innovation at the intersection of workforce development and higher education by helping associates earn college credit for their on-the-job training.”

Walmart is also committed to an independent evaluation of the outcome of its new offering. The Lumina Foundation has agreed to research and measure the impact and effectiveness of the program and will work with the Walmart team to share findings.

“Walmart is making a significant investment in its workforce that will not just help the company, but help shift how our society moves toward more affordable and accessible pathways for individuals to be recognized and rewarded for their work-based skills and knowledge, resulting in high-quality, relevant credentials. We applaud Walmart’s efforts,” said Jamie Merisotis, president and chief executive officer of the Lumina Foundation.

“I commend Walmart for trying an innovative strategy to increase the skills and post-secondary education of its workers and for committing to have the Lumina Foundation conduct an independent evaluation of the program. I look forward to studying Lumina’s findings,” said Alan Krueger, professor of economics, Princeton University.


Walmart’s new education program underscores the importance of education in helping associates prepare for the future. College degrees in supply chain management or business are parts of a broader approach to preparing the workforce to succeed today and into the future. Initiatives include:

    Developing a broad suite of offerings across roles and levels to help associates from frontline to executive levels develop job-related skills for advancement.
    Covering the complete cost for associates and eligible family members for earning a high school diploma or GED.
    Offering associates and eligible family members have access to tuition discounts, financial aid assistance and education coaching across Guild’s broader network of more than 80 accredited, nonprofit university partners, including schools such as The Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech), Columbia University and Purdue University. These institutions are made available through EdX.
    Giving access to professional development courses including college prep, leadership training and ESL.

These programs are available to full-time, part-time and salaried Walmart U.S. store, supply chain, home office and Sam’s Club associates.