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by Taylor Kovar

Hi Taylor - I know you’ve managed to have a family and a successful career. My wife and I are getting to the point of talking about kids, but we always come back to the question of how we balance work and a family. How are you able to do both? - George

Hey George - One of my favorite topics and questions! I’ve got a longer post about this very thing at that you should check out. While there are a million things to think about and plan, the short answer is: you’re ready. Here’s why.

It will never feel like the perfect moment. Having children is a massive undertaking. Every second of it is a blessing, but to think it won’t completely reshape your life is naive. Because of that, it’s pretty improbable you’d ever feel like it was the perfect moment and situation to have a child. You can only hope you’ll be able to adjust to a growing family without letting go of things you love. It will be a big adjustment, but I promise you won’t regret a thing as you make room for the newest member(s) of your family. If you’re both excited about parenthood, stop waiting for things to fall into place and embrace the life you want.

“Necessity is the mother of invention.” It’s not a direct connection, but I think about this phrase a lot when it comes to parenting. Until you have children, it’s hard to fathom how you can make it all work. Once they arrive, brightening your day and taking up all your time, you don’t remember what life was like before. Without thinking twice, you’ll make the necessary changes and keep moving forward. It may seem counterintuitive, but I’ve seen countless people find more fulfillment in their careers after having a baby. You gain perspective about what’s really important, and that helps focus you within your family and profession. Having kids teaches you more about yourself than you could ever imagine.

You deserve both. The fact that you’re asking these questions and wondering if it’s the right time is an indicator, to me, that you’re ready. This kind of thoughtful approach will only help you in your parenting, and we could use more moms and dads who really want to engage in the process of raising their children. You’ll be able to make time for a good career and a loving family, even though you’ll have a little less time for sleeping.
As much as a successful career matters, nothing should come before family. Trust in yourself and your wife and go after the life you want. Best of luck, George!