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C.B. and Potts Restaurant and Taproom invited some people to a pre-opening this weekend to help prepare staff and generate a little buzz (no pun intended) around the opening of their new location at 261 Jaycee Case Place in Colorado Springs. That’s next door to Bass Pro Shop and Bourbon Brothers. They’re open for real as of today. 

C.B. and Potts started in Fort Collins in 1974 as a Deluxe Tavern. They now have 7 locations in Colorado and in 1996 they started brewing their own craft beers. 

C.B. and Potts is family oriented, casual dining as well as a first class craft brewer, with over 100 medals from institutions including the NABA and GABF. 

For more information visit They’re open daily from 11am to midnight. You can also contact them at 719-481-9034.