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By Ed Duffy

Kevin Kennedy was working on raising the online profile and reputation of his insurance business when he discovered that he enjoyed developing online branding and marketing strategy more than he enjoyed his current career. That and continual requests from associates to help them with their own online presentations led him to launch Net5 Marketing.

Kevin was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and grew up here in Colorado Springs. After graduating Mitchell High School, he was off to San Diego, where he majored in business at Point Loma. He worked as a sales representative for a Japanese manufacturer there until his dad called and asked him to come help him with his Colorado Springs based business. Together they grew Micro Glide, Inc. from a 5 employee business to over 150 employees with facilities across the country and around the world. They sold the company in 1999.

Kevin then went to work for Sanwa as head of North American marketing and sales. When the company pared back its U.S. operations, Kevin decided he'd had enough globe-trotting for a while. He started a Farmers Insurance Agency in 2003. Over the course of his 6 years or so with Farmers, he got more and more involved with Internet marketing. He developed strategies for getting good search rankings, customer reviews, online reputation management and social network marketing. Vendors and associates asked him to give them a hand with their own online marketing as well. By 2006 he had founded Net5 Internet Marketing and by 2009 he got out of the insurance business to focus exclusively on his marketing company.

Net5 Marketing offers search engine optimization (SEO) and mobile marketing  and specializes in "reputation marketing". You may have heard of reputation management. Kevin explains that what he does is more accurately referred to as reputation marketing because it's much more than just monitoring.

Getting your company logo and name out there is one thing, and it's important. But when a potential customer becomes interested enough to do a search of your company on the web or even go to your website, what are they going to find? The worst case scenario isn't a bad review here or there. You're almost always going to get those from time to time. No, what's worse from a marketing perspective is that they find next to nothing as far as reviews, testimonials and referrals. Your competitor has 1,142 reviews and an average rating of 4.5 out of 5. You've got 1 or 2 reviews, which makes your average rating just about meaningless. Where do you think the customer's going to go? Where would you go?

Net5 Marketing helps encourage reviews from customers, then makes sure those reviews are accessible across the web. They help develop your reputation, then integrate into your marketing with review sites and testimonials available on your website, your social media and in your other marketing materials. They can produce videos, custom branded review pages, alert you when reviews are posted and ensure that 5 star reviews appear on your website in real time.

Of course, creating a positive experience for the customer is up to you. If you have happy customers, Net5 Marketing will help you help them share their satisfaction with more potential customers. The cost for Net5 Marketing's services starts from around $299/month up, depending on the various options and levels of service you opt for. You can find them on the web at, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 719-505-9020 for more information.