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By Ed Duffy


After Deborah Key retired, she wanted to come up with a way to cover the cost for heatlh insurance, which she no longer was getting from work. What started as a part time activity soon evolved into a retail store and a new business venture.

Deborah retired from School District 11 in 2007. Soon afterwards, she and her husband Jim (owner of Sealed Coat Specialists since 1972) began hunting for re-sellable treasures at auctions and yard sales and such. They did well enough that they put aside some of their earnings and used it to open up New 2 You neighborhood bargain store at Maizeland and Academy Blvd in May of 2012.

New 2 You features quality merchandise, most used, some new. Items include tools, furniture, jewelry, housewares, collectibles and holiday items. They also have their own line of soaps, bodywash and lotions, which they make right at the shop.

The merchandise comes from a variety of sources, including public auctions and liquidations. Liquidation sales can include returns, but also new merchandise that has been pulled from shelves of stores like Home Depot because it’s last year’s model, a discontinued item or the package has been damaged. They don’t buy from individuals at the shop. It’s just not efficient given their business model.

Not everything they buy is fit for resale. When you buy at auction sometimes you’re buying blind or you buy a “lot” of items, incuding some good, some not so good. When they do get items that are usable, but not store material, they’ll sometimes set it out in front of the shop with a “FREE” sign on it. Deborah explains, “Someone in the neighborhood gets something they need, and we don’t have to pay to have it removed.” 

Deborah says she’s having more fun than she ever imagined at her new job. She gets to work with sister-in-law and store manager, Cheryl Murdoch, meets new people daily and gets to be her own boss. She also gets to help out folks in the neighborhood who want/need nice things at affordable prices (and sometimes free).

So if you’re looking for some unique gift ideas this holiday season, or you just like bargains, a trip to New 2 You can save you money while supporting a local, indendent, small business. You’ll find them at 3960 Maizeland Rd, Colorado Springs. You can reach them at 719-591-1877. Hours are from 9am to 5pm Monday through Friday, 9am to 6pm Saturday and noon to 5pm Sunday. See their Ebay listings - seller: udskey.