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By Ed Duffy

We published the first issue of the South Side Business News in March 2004. The website, was launched just a few months later. The hard copy paper grew to a circulation of 5,000 and was distributed on the southeast side of Colorado Springs and in Security, Widefield and Fountain. It became evident by 2011 that if we wanted to expand our reach, and our readership (and we did) we would need a new plan. Broadening distribution of hard copy would actually bring diminishing returns or cause us to raise ad rates, which would be counter to our purpose of providing an affordable ad venue for small business.

In October 2011, thanks to assistance from local web master, Dave Stone, we took the digital leap and relaunched the site in a new, easy on the eyes format. The South Side Business News became, an all digital, continuously updated online newspaper, focused on the small business community in and around Colorado Springs, Security, Widefield and Fountain.

October 2011 was the first month of publishing in the new format. The website was already getting pretty good traffic, having been up for several years, displaying a pdf version of the current print issue. That month we received 2162 visits from 1165 unique visitors. In our first year over year comparison, October 2012 was a new record for website traffic to, with 8186 visits from 4075 unique visitors; an increase of nearly 400%. For the record, our hit count for October 2012 was 237,811, but that's actually a tabulation of files called up from a server, not individual users.

To say the relaunch was successful would be an understatement. We appreciate the continued support of our readers, our advertisers, contributing writers and all the PR folks out there who send us content from time to time. Incidently, if you have a press release, announcement, event you'd like to share, you can always send it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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