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Whether at your business or at your home, trees are a significant investment in both money and time. Protect yours. Here in the Springs area, we get an average of about 1" of cumulative precipitation (liquid water volume) through the whole winter. The City of Colorado Springs provided the following press release to help you ensure your trees come back healthy in the Spring.

Winter Tree Watering Recommendations

City Forestry and the Palmer Tree Coalition would like to remind residents to water their trees. After several years of drought, trees in Colorado Springs could use a little extra TLC. Watering trees in fall and winter allows them to emerge healthier in the spring.  Drought-stressed trees are vulnerable to disease, insect infestations, branch dieback, or even total loss.

Watering recommendations:

·         Water to a depth of 12” below the soil surface.

·         Water slowly to saturate soil within the ‘drip-line’ of the tree canopy.  Move the hose around for large trees.

·         Give the same amount of water year round - 10 gallons per inch of tree diameter 1-2 times per month.  An easy rule of thumb is to measure the tree trunk diameter at knee height and water for 5 minutes per inch.

·         For more information:



A healthy urban forest cools our streets and homes, reduces noise, provides aesthetic value and wildlife habitat, absorbs carbon dioxide and pollutants, and reduces storm run-off. Help keep our urban forest healthy and water your trees.

The Palmer Tree Coalition is a Friends Group supporting the work of Colorado Springs City Forestry. For more information on the Palmer Tree Coalition and its spring tree planting programs, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or call 520-7679.