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By Ed Duffy

City of Fountain Fire Chief, Darin Anstine, stopped by the other day to make the case for a ballot initiative (Ballot question 2D) which proposes a mill levy increase to build and equip a new fire station on the east side of the city, near Fountain/Fort Carson High School, Little Ranches and Countryside.

The city currently has 3 fire stations; the main one on Santa Fe Avenue, one on Fountain Mesa Road and one just off Hwy 85, north of Walmart.

Chief Anstine points out that while response times in most areas of the city are between 4 and 6 minutes, response times in the area of the proposed new station are currently 8-14 minutes. Having a station in that area would not only reduce response times there, but also in the other areas because they would not need to cover the southeast side. The area in question also happens to have had the greatest dollar amount of property damage due to fire in the past 10 years, by a long shot. More than the areas around the current three stations combined.

The proposed mill levy increase would be exclusively for the building, maintenance and staffing of the new fire station and could not be used elsewhere. The levy increase proposed is 5.25 mills or about $6.96 per month on a $200,000 house. The levy would drop to 3.00 mills once the fire station and engine are paid for. That would be about $3.98 per month for a $200,000 house.

I don't live in the City of Fountain, so I wont be voting on this one. I don't have a recommendation one way or the other, but I did want to share what information I had.