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The BBB has warned about this in the past and it's still out there. I got this one today (see below). Like most email scams, the idea is to get you to click on the link. This one is obviously aimed at businesses who may panic faced with a threat to their reputation. If you ever get something like this DO NOT click on the link. Doing so may cause malware to be installed on your computer. If you have any doubts as to whether or not it's real, contact your BBB directly, by phone or through a separate email, to an address taken from the actual BBB website. Note: in this example Jared Ashley is a fictional name used by the scammers.

Case# 0801239: Jared Ashley

Dear Company:

As you are aware, the Better Business Bureau contacted you regarding the above-named complainant, seeking a response to this complaint. Your position is available online.

The following URL (website address) below will take you directly to this complaint and you will be able to view the response directly on our website:

The complainant has been notified of your response.

The BBB believes that your response adequately addresses the disputed issues and/or has exhibited a good faith effort to resolve the complaint. The complaint will close as "Administratively Judged Resolved" and our records will be updated.

If you fail to honor your agreement or if the consumer has information that disputes the accuracy of your firm's response, we will notify your office with substantiation to support the consumer's position and the case will be re-opened. Cases will not be re-opened without documentation or good cause.

The BBB appreciates this opportunity to serve you. Dispute Resolution Department.

Better Business Bureau Serving Metropolitan New York, Inc.

30 East 33rd St., 12th Floor

New York, NY 10016