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By Lisa Cochrun

It all started back in 2006 when the Fountain Economic Development Commission invited a team of 5 experts from across the state to assess the City's needs for growing its business base.  The team was lead by the Governor's Office of Economic Development. The Community Assessment Team was in town for a week, and held many meetings with citizens and city commissions to identify do-able projects and priorities.  
One of the first things that happened was the team got lost trying to find their ways to downtown and city hall.  So they said "Hey- you guys need signs!"
And the sign taskforce was born.
The original taskforce for all city way-finding signs included: Julie Spears from the Fountain Economic Development Commission, Veronica Bila from Lions Pride Framing, Lori Brazil from Achievemnt Gallery and the Fountain Downtown Events Association, Sharon Thompson from Carson Bluffs Storage and UHaul, Scott Turner from UMB Bank, Ruta  Spons from CMB bank, David   Roudebush from School District 8, Mary DeGroot from the Fountain Valley Historical Society, Florence Paradise from the Fountain Valley Historical Society, Joanie McNeice from the Community Assessment team taskforce, Rick Hearn from the Planning Commission, Sharon Brown from the Fountain City Council; and from the city - Dave Smedsrud Planning Director, Lisa Cochrun Economic Development Director, Juan Flores from Code Enforcement and Duane Greenwood Public Works Director. Councilmember Sharon Brown was also active on the sign taskforce.
The Community Assessment Action Plan specifically identified signs for downtown for
    •    identifying our historic district
    •    branding downtown
    •    finding your way around town
    •    finding community assets like parks, city hall and the museum
    •    supporting local businesses
    •    building our heritage
To implement the program, the Fountain Valley Preservation Association stepped up to bat.  The members that worked on this project are:
    •    Mary Blickhahn
    •    Pat Grimmnitz
    •    Dorothy Christian-Boyd
    •    Richard Cox
    •    Ronda Carlucci
    •    Juan Flores
    •    Kathy Manley
and help all along the way from the Pikes Peak Library Fountain Branch.
There are 17 signs that mark the boundaries of the historic district and tell the history of Fountain.  They will be installed gradually over the next several weeks by the City Public Works Department.