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Press Release (Daily Planet Public Relations) - The Cave of the Winds, forced to close by the Waldo Canyon Fire, received permission from fire authorities Monday re-open to visitors for the first time in more than a week.

“We want to invite everyone to come up to join in celebrating our reopening,” Cave of the Winds General Manager Grant Carey said. “Since the fire is no longer any danger to us, this whole Fourth of July holiday week will be our official summer season kick-off.”

The attraction, which opened its doors more than 130 years ago, was for a time threatened by the blaze.

Flames sprang up in a section of Williams Canyon below Cave of the Winds and there were fears they might cross onto the property. “We got very lucky,” Carey said. “The buildings are fine, as well as all the scenery in Williams Canyon below our pavilion.

“Everything is just as we left it and we are ready for business, thanks to the heroic efforts of our brave firefighters. The firefighters here just did a fantastic job and we can’t thank them enough.”