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It's been 10 years since Nathan and Sharon Thompson opened what is now Carson Bluffs Self Storage, just off Exit 128 in Fountain. Since then they've added Uhaul, a welding supply company and a beverage company. It's been a rocky road, but they're still going strong and looking forward to even more growth ahead.

Nathan Thompson entered into a purchase agreement for the 15-acre property on Charter Oak Ranch Rd. in June of 2002.  By March of 2003 all storage units had been installed and Carson Bluffs Self Storage was open for business.  The U-haul dealership was opened as well.  A business license application was filed to start-up Welder's Warehouse at the same property, but the application was denied by City Planning.  Nathan entered into an agreement to purchase Mountain Beverage in June 2003, and hired a contractor to make significant improvements to the east warehouse.  Mountain Beverage was moved from COS to Fountain into it's new home in September of 2003.  At that time, a new application for Welder's Warehouse was filed under the umbrella of Mountain Beverage, and this time the app. was approved, and so Mountain Beverage and Welder's Warehouse began operations at the Fountain property at that time. 

In 2009, due to significant downturn in the restaurant industry locally, a competitor of Mountain Beverage: Pepsi sold off 50 pieces of transportation equipment, laid-off 50 people, and closed it's Pueblo distribution facility.  Mountain Beverage also felt the pain, and began to liquidate surplus unneeded equipment, and shed two employees.  The new leaner Mountain Beverage was better able to withstand the prolonged downturn, and in fact celebrated it's best year ever in 2011.  The storage facility: Carson Bluffs Self Storage enjoys fully occupied tenancy as well.  Also, Welder's Warehouse had it's best year ever last year, helped in part by the bankruptcy of a local competitor. 

Recently, Nathan entered into an agreement to purchase the assets of another competitor, and feels the new acquisition will further enhance the overall business by a factor of 25%.   So the Thompson's are celebrating their 10th year in Fountain Colorado and look forward to serving clients and customers in the years ahead.

Carson Bluffs Self Storage/Uhaul, Mountain Beverage and Welder's Warehouse are located at 10055 Charter Oak Ranch Rd, (just west of I25 off Exit 128 in Fountain)