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Press Release

A dynamic new program is giving southern Colorado women hands-on training in self-defense techniques while supporting women’s groups in the community.

NEVER A Victim, LLC offers a four-hour seminar to empower women and girls by teaching them awareness, avoidance, and simple self-defense techniques – regardless of their age, background and fitness level.

Doris Rivera-Black, an experienced law enforcement officer and instructor, founded NEVER a Victim after surviving a domestic violence attack against her. In June 2006, she was kidnapped at gunpoint in her driveway by her ex-husband.

“I just knew there was more I could do to help prevent other women from being attacked,” Rivera-Black said. “I refuse to call myself a victim – I’m a survivor.”

During the seminar, Rivera-Black and her partner, Melissa Warden, offer classroom instruction on violence against women statistics, domestic violence awareness, situational awareness, avoidance and escape, self-defense weapons, self-defense techniques, and what to do after an attack.

After the classroom portion, there is an opportunity for participants to practice what they learned with closely monitored, scenario-based drills against an “assailant” wearing a protective RedMan instructor suit.
“All of our seminars are taught by experienced law enforcement and defensive-tactics instructors. Safety always comes first and we monitor every drill very closely,” Rivera-Black said.

Because she believes so strongly in giving back to women in the community, Rivera-Black donates 20 percent of each paid NEVER a Victim admission to various women’s groups in southern Colorado.

Besides her scheduled seminars, Rivera-Black is available for private groups and domestic violence/self-defense speaking engagements. For more information about participating in or scheduling a NEVER a Victim seminar, e-mail her at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or visit

More information on Doris-Rivera-Black:

Doris Rivera-Black has more than eight years experience in jail security, patrol, parole and teaching. She has 70 hours of SWAT training, was only the third female graduate of the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office Special Response Team academy and taught defensive tactics, (Krav Maga, Pressure Point Controlled Tactics and Controlled Force), to Sheriff’s Office recruits.

She was also a Colorado Department of Corrections community parole officer and is a fluent Spanish speaker who taught basic Spanish to fellow law enforcement officers. Doris lives in Colorado Springs with her husband and three children.