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Dealing with insurance companies can sometimes be tedious, to put it kindly. When you’re a contractor, it’s not just a matter of frustration. Getting it wrong can cost real money and jeapardize one’s business. There is a new company in town whose goal is to help contractors in dealings and negotiations with insurance companies. They are In House Adjuster Staffing (IHAS). Their adjusters handle insurance supplements, billing, and negotiations on behalf of contractors.  Their fee is based on the amount they get for the contractor over and above the original estimate.

Founder, Corey Pate has been in the construction industry for over 30 years and he has been a general contractor since 1983. His staff of adjusters are fully licensed in many states. In 2008,  as yet another recession was well underway, he decided to share his experience assisting other contractors. He realized one of the biggest obstacles of doing insurance restoration work was dealing with the insurance companies. He started small, helping local contractors with the invoicing and negotiations of their insurance jobs. Recently the company expanded, and now assists contractors all over the United States.

In March of 2012, Corey started planning for the nationwide expansion. He hired  Elaine Giardini, a former insurance agent, as the office manager. She has been assisting Corey to get IHAS running full steam. In March and April IHAS hired several additional office staff including several licensed adjusters and created an accounting department. They also took on a full time Sales and Marketing Director, Greg Wickherst, a former general contractor. 

So what exactly does In House Adjuster Staffing do? Mr. Pate explains, “We save contractors time, money and the headaches of dealing with insurance companies. The phone calls and paperwork are no longer on the contractors’ shoulders. This frees them up to do what they do best, sales and marketing. Think of it this way. Who would you rather have doing your taxes: a ten dollar an hour employee on your staff, or a team of ex-IRS agents, CPA’s and financial investors with years of experience that work only on commission?”

For more information  IHAS can be reached at 800-775-8667. You can also find them on the web at IHASLLC.COM, and on Facebook - InHouse AdjusterStaffing.