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Press Release (Colorado Springs Convention and Visitors Bureau)

After an in-depth, four-month redesign process, the new Colorado Springs logo is complete. Design firm Fixer Creative Co. was awarded the contract to develop the concept in January as part of a community-inspired collaboration to reconsider the creative originally launched in November 2011. With a unanimous recommendation from the Curator Team, the Community Branding Task Force approved the logo for use in promoting Colorado Springs to a variety of audiences, including travelers, businesses and residents.

Christopher Schell, Vice President of Design Rangers and leader of the Curator Team, confirms the logo’s creative strengths. “The logo positions Colorado Springs as the quintessential Colorado city. More than a piece of art, the logo is something that people can rally behind and be proud of.” John Pierce, U.S. Olympic Committee Managing Director of Marketing Services and Curator Team member, points out that “this is more than just a stand-alone logo.  It fits seamlessly with the city brand essence and has the opportunity to be timeless." Cheryl Farr, Principal and Chief Strategy Officer at The CSK Group, confirms that it feels “modern, captures Colorado Springs’ uniqueness and is highly competitive relative to first-class destinations.”


Colorado Springs residents and co-owners of Fixer Creative Co., Troy and Sara DeRose, have lived in Colorado most of their lives. “This project was not just a professional interest of ours, but a passion project that we felt strongly about from the beginning. Our overarching goal as design professionals, and residents, was to create a logo that represented the Colorado Springs identity in an authentic, compelling way,” Sara says. Fixer Creative says the new Colorado Springs logo is distinctive, setting the community apart from other destinations in the state, and competes with the marks of other destination cities similar to Colorado Springs. “The logo is confident, professional and bold. It captures the essence of a diverse city that lives by doing. We designed the logo to capture the look and feel of living in view of a majestic mountain, and the energy that comes from existing in such a setting. The colors we see in the logo are the same colors we find outside—a visual reminder of our truly beautiful environment and all of the unique lives, activities and stories that unfold here,” explains Troy.

Fixer Creative also recommended that the tagline be separated from the logo and softened by removing the exclamation point. They suggested the tagline should only be used when context could be established. The Curator Team and Branding Task Force agreed. After seeing such a strong execution, CVB Vice President of Marketing & Membership Amy Long concurs, “due to the insightful ad campaign recommendations by Fixer Creative, we better understand the potential of the ‘Live it up' tagline as a campaign element rather than a permanent tagline. The concept of living it up is an idea and feeling that is described through imagery, verbiage and context. We don't use the phrase ‘Live it up’ verbatim in every communication, but the concept is there to reinforce the literal and figurative elevation that the city and region represent.” The CVB has already adopted this new approach in their marketing and communication strategies, and will be working with other organizations throughout the region to incorporate the brand into their communications.

Chris Schell explains how the originally proposed process was altered in terms of revealing options to the public for commentary. “The Curator Team felt strongly that the review and design process needed to be organic. Forcing a pre-conceived structure into a creative process can often lead to design-by-committee and poor results. Everyone was committed to letting each stage of the process define the next, not getting hung-up on the initial project outline.”

Doug Price, President & CEO of the Convention & Visitors Bureau and co-chair of the Branding Task Force, summarizes the branding process: “From the beginning, this has been a collaborative, community process. More than 500 people participated in the development of the brand strategy that revealed our city and region as being vibrant, rugged and exceptional. Working with the local creative community and listening to public feedback has taken the branding project to an even higher level. With valuable input from the Curator Team and Branding Task Force, Fixer Creative Co. has developed an identity system that reflects the brand strategy and provides a strategic platform that many organizations and citizens can use to promote Colorado Springs.”

The Branding Task Force, Curator Team and Fixer Creative will continue the dialog with the community and facilitate the adoption of the new Colorado Springs logo and brand strategy. To start, three new decals have been created to celebrate the new identity and are available for free at the following locations: CVB Visitor Center (515 S Cascade), The Blue Star Restaurant (1625 S Tejon), Nosh 121 (Plaza of the Rockies, 121 South Tejon Street), LA’AU’s Taco Shop (1605 S. Cascade Ave.), The CSK Group (Hibbard Building 19 S. Tejon Street-4th Floor) and The Greater Colorado Springs Chamber and EDC (102 South Tejon, Suite 430). For more detailed information on the process, please reference the resources to the right or visit