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Circle 504 Records announces the release of two new CDs in April; Keep the Sky by Ben Knighten and six from one, by Andy Clifton. The dual CD release party will be held at Stargazers Theatre, April 19th at 7pm.

Local singer / songwriter Jim Adam, also a Circle 504 recording artist, hosts a monthly Acoustic / Americana Showcase at Stargazers Theatre featuring local artists. The show begins with Adam performing a set of his compositions followed by two other acts on the show. Each act usually plays for twenty minutes followed by a short intermission. Then, all three acts come on stage and take turns performing three more songs each. This informal setting allows each performer to talk about the inspiration for the songs they’ve written.

“When it became apparent that both Ben and Andy would have their recordings finished in March, I asked Jim Adam if he would hold the April showcase open for a CD Release Party since all three acts are on Circle 504” explains George Whitesell. “We’ve had CD release parties before but it usually is for an individual artist’s latest project. This will be the first time two Circle 504 recording artists have their release on the same day. It’s going to be a very special event.”

Andy Clifton has accomplished what some musician’s only dream of doing. He has consistently played an average of 200 shows annually over the past fifteen years performing original music! His self-produced CD, released in 2003, titled Eight, and 2006’s Tenuous, were well received by his many fans. In 2004 the prestigious Pikes Peak Arts Council honored Clifton with the Best Individual Performer award!

Clifton’s accomplishments would make any musician envious. What makes these achievements even more worthy is that he did it all without the support of a record company or management. In short, he worked hard building his career and in doing so has become one of the most popular artists in the Pikes Peak region and earned a huge fan base deserving of his efforts.

His popularity caught the attention of Randy Block, owner of Green Mountain Recording Studio and Tuesday Night Productions. Soon, Clifton was in the studio recording his next CD of original music under the guidance of Block. Realizing that the final product was not only exceptional, but worthy of competing with national acts, Block contacted music promoters George and Amy Whitesell who own Circle 504 Records, and the music production company, A Music Company Inc. Andy’s next CD, AC & Co, was released on Circle 504 Records in June, 2011.

Ben Knighten is an acoustic folk songwriter from Colorado Springs. His music has been described as "addictive, & upbeat, complete with passionate & powerful subject matter" and "a nice wedding of restraint on the part of the instruments and intensity in the singing that never fails to please the ears and bring out the meaning of the songs."

He released his first CD titled All I Want in 2011 to rave reviews.

“An artist who simply pours out his or her heart can hardly fail to be compelling. Ben Knighten's All I Want is full of touching and meaningful music. Listening to this album is like sitting across the table from a dear friend in a smoky little coffee shop, late at night. That friend has questions. He has needs, and hopes and fears. Instead of just telling you about it, though, he sings (and plays guitar, piano and drums).” Donny Harvey-

“This CD makes a pretty solid first impression. Right from the start you will notice rich musical textures overflowing everywhere, full of warmth, variety, passion & strong melodic structure. I would classify this music as acoustic pop rock, with a slight aftertaste of alternative folk. The songs themselves are addictive, & upbeat, complete with passionate & powerful subject matter.” Cyrus Rhodes-The Muse’s Muse

“When I first heard Ben perform I noticed that he had an immediate connection with the audience” explains Whitesell. “Andy Clifton has the same effect on people. That’s what I’m looking for at Circle 504 Records and I approached Ben to be on the label. This CD Release Party will be a solid night’s worth of entertainment with three very unique, totally different, artists with one common thread; they’re all excellent songwriters who touch people through their music. This will be an event that folks will be talking about for quite some time.”

Formed in 2007 by Colorado Springs music promoters George and Amy Whitesell, Circle 504 Records is a division of their music production company, A Music Company Inc. Both Andy Clifton and Ben Knighten recorded their CDs at Randy Block’s Green Mountain Studios.

For more information contact George Whitesell at A Music Company Inc. 719-576-5945