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by Ed Duffy

Sandie Comstock's Ink Fountain Printing has been a fixture in the City of Fountain's small business community for almost 40 years. Now Sandie and her husband have decided it's time to fulfill their dream of building that home in the mountains and enjoying retirement. While the business is still going strong, they've put it off for long enough she says. Construction is already underway.

Sandie says she understands the business is a valuable neighborhood resource and is looking to get it into the hands of a willing and able entrepreneur who wants to continue to serve the community while pursuing their own dream.

Ink Fountain is more than just printing though. They also offer schools supplies, office supplies, craft supplies, greeting cards, gifts and other merchandise as well as fax service, shipping, scanning and more.

Sandie hasn't set a date yet for making the move, but if you haven't been to Ink Fountain in a while, pop in and say hello and congratulations on retirement.

If you're interested in owning the business, give Sandie a call at 719-382-8721. Serious inquiries only please.