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By Ed Duffy

Bart and Cindy Smith, owners of Crackerjack Mud Jacking, Colorado Springs celebrated their recent move into their new facility at 7315 McClain Point this past Saturday.

Mud jacking or slabjacking is a process of raising slabs of concrete, like sidewalk sections or driveway, that have settled due to soil erosion or sinkage. The process involves drilling holes in the concrete and injecting a specially formulated slurry beneath the slab to lift it back into place from underneath.

Crackerjack Mud Jacking was founded by Jim Snyder in 1999. Bart Smith bought the Southern Colorado territory (from Monument to Pueblo) about 5 years later. He and his wife Cindy have since grown the company to 5 employees, two custom built mudjacking trucks as well as a number of utility vehicles. Up to now, they didn't have a facility where everything, including the vehicles could be stored and worked on. Now they have room to continue to expand and innovate in the years ahead.

Crackerjack has 4 territories in Colorado, including Fort Collins and two in the Denver area. To contact Bart and Cindy at the Colorado Springs location, call 719-520-1099. Learn more about CrackerJack Mud Jacking at