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Code Wizards, a new business in Colorado Springs that teaches coding and programming to children, is opening in late-May and is taking enrollments for Summer Camps that begin June 3rd. Code Wizards is also offering The Academy, with ongoing, year-round programs.

“We’ve been seeing a need for computer science education for awhile now,” said Chris Rigdon, owner of Code Wizards, along with his wife Misty. “So we created a vibrant place where kids can learn these valuable skills while having fun and making new friends.” 

Before starting the classes, children can go online and get sorted into one of three Code Wizards Houses — Caragore, Dragonfang or Fishorne. They will work on projects and collaborate with other members of their house, plus they will learn at their own pace and advance through 10 stages, from Novice to Code Wizard.

Summer Camps begin in early-June and are for one week each, running throughout the summer. Camp topics include Minecraft, Intro to Robotics, Circuits and Drone Camp, where each student will get their own drone to keep after the camp is finished.

“We want to provide families with a dynamic learning environment where students develop life-changing skills,” added Misty Rigdon. “We think coding and programming are important, no matter what career someone wants — teaching, nursing, science, law enforcement, building — because knowing how to use technology gives someone a real advantage.”start
Code Wizards will open in late-May and is located at 11681 Voyager Parkway, Ste. 120, in Colorado Springs. For more information, you can visit their website at, or call 719-418-2811.