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By Ed Duffy

MoGlo Espresso in Security-Widefield launched its new line of CBD containing beverages yesterday.

CBD is "the other chemical" in marijuana. Unlike THC, it does not produce psychedelic or euphoric effects. The CBD isolate has sedative like qualities and although it is the subject of ongoing medical research for the treatment of things like epilepsy, its use and dosage in beverages is more akin to adding turmeric or ginger to your food or drink. It's intended as a nutrient that may help you feel better. MoGlo emphasized that they do not give medical advice and this is not intended to be a medicinal line of beverages.

The CBD beverages selection at Mo Glow features 20 milligrams of CBD isolate suspended in 2 teaspoons of raw honey. You can choose from lattes, regular coffees, and teas. You can also have 2 teaspoons of CBD honey added to your favorite tea.

How does it taste? Well, I tried the "Happy Hippy" latte. It tasted like great coffee. I wouldn't have known there was CBD in it if I hadn't specifically asked for it. I can't tell you if it relieved any aches and pains since I wasn't experiencing any at the time, but I enjoyed my drink.

You'll find MoGlo Espresso at 101 Fontaine Blvd, Widefield, Colorado 80911, in the Widefield Square shopping center. Call 719-344-9185 or visit them on Facebook at for more information.