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Charlotte-based business expands its reach to Colorado Springs

Press Release – On Saturday, 24 March, Charlotte, NC based SOF WODs will conduct a special operations style training and adventure challenge course in Colorado Springs, CO.  The Phase 1 course, called “The Gauntlet” offers a unique opportunity for outdoor enthusiasts, workout buffs and military hopefuls alike to partake in Spec Ops challenges with several objectives based on a single mission.

The Gauntlet fuses the concepts of military-style challenges with simulated Special Operations missions, culminating in a unparalleled physical and mental gut check. Designed and run by SOF Operators, Phase I is not a race, a workout or a gear testing ground; it is a team mission.  Participants must be prepared to take on the natural challenges of their host city while completing multiple objectives as a small unit. 

Phase I will immerse participants into 18 hours of Special Operations selection style evolutions and Field Training Exercises (FTX) that are usually reserved for the military elite.  Participants will begin with skill clinics on various topics required to complete the city’s challenge, such as water confidence, swimming, proper running and rucking techniques. Skill training is supplemented with lectures on the essentials of good teamwork, leadership and mental fortitude. Once the stage is set, the mission will be briefed to team leaders, comms will be distributed, and it’s game on! 

The Gauntlet will kick off at 0800 on Saturday, March 24th at Driven Strong Crossfit. Driven Strong Crossfit is located at 1107 Garden of the Gods Rd W., Colorado Springs, CO. For more information, call 602.423.4754.

SOF WODs (aka South Charlotte CrossFit) is owned and operated by service-disabled veteran Jeremy McDonnell, who served in the United States Air Force as a Pararescueman - an Elite Special Operations Unit.  SOF WODs offers daily CrossFit workouts in conjunction with their specialized military challenge courses designed for Special Operations hopefuls and adventure seeking individuals. To learn more, log onto