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By Ed Duffy

Attention treasure hunters, nostalgia lovers, landscapers and home decorators. There's a new store in town you've got to check out; 505 Trolley.

Mike and Brenda DeFelice have been collecting vintage and antique items from throughout the west for decades. One of their favorite hunting grounds is in New Mexico (505 area code), but they love to shop the small, old towns throughout the west, looking for great pieces. They still maintain their space at American Classics at Constitution and Academy, but Mike says it's always been his goal to have a place of his own.

Mike and Brenda have accumulated plenty of inventory. They want to keep their offerings fresh and new, so new items will come out as other items are sold. They've got lots of old sports equipment, furniture, signage, books, bikes and other treasures from the past.

You'll find them on the northeast corner of Union and Palmer Park at 1525 N. Union Blvd. They're open Wednesday through Saturday from 10am to 6pm. You can reach them at 719-632-6942. Next time you're out hunting for great nostalgia, make these guys one of your regular stops.