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by Ed Duffy

When Courtney Jennings and John Kelley decided to move to Colorado Springs, they knew they wanted to start their own business. They just weren't sure exactly what. They moved here from Texas where John had worked in the catering business and Courtney was a production manager for a media company. They arrived in April and spent much of the summer kicking around different ideas.

They were actually away at a wedding in North Carolina when they saw their first tap trailer. A friend of John's, Rob Peters, had one there (he now has a half dozen). Courtney and John thought they could also be a hit in Colorado. Mr. Peters even agreed to come out to Colorado and help them get started.

What's a tap trailer? Well, it's a fully refrigerated, towable trailer with 5  taps and a drain along the side. Not only can you dispense beer, soda, cider, wine and/or other beverages, you can also store all your other perishables in one convenient location.

The trailers are 8'x4' and can be rented for $300 for the first day with discounts for two or more days. Tap trailers are great for weddings, festivals, events, reunions, graduations or any occasion where you'd like to make things easier.

You can reach Rocky Top Tap Trailers at 719-749-6170, email them at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and follow them on Facebook at