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By Ed Duffy

Duane “Murf” Murphy and Juan “Cas” Castillo both decided to retire from the Army at Fort Carson, Colorado, after having been stationed here earlier in their careers. They met, through their wives, who both rode horses at the Tamarack Ranch.

The two became friends and learned they had a lot in common. When Murf found out that Cas liked to ride, he told him about his motorcycle apparel shop idea. That was a couple of years ago and the two talked about it over time, but as retirement got closer and closer (Murf in December of 2017 and Cas in February 2018) things got more serious. Cas came back from a vacation trip one day and headed over to Murf’s house. He called to wake him up and let him know he was coming over to talk. That was the day they both decided the time for talking was done. Time to start doing. They came up with a plan, found  a space and went to work, doing the interior and exterior finish themselves. M ’n’ C officially became a company on paper on October 31, 2017. The shop actually opened January 29, 2018.

M ’n’ C Motorcycle Apparel and Accessories aims to serve motorcycle enthusiasts of all stripes, whether they have a few bucks to spend or a few hundred. They chose Fountain because they felt it was under served in this particular offering. While their wives, Rhonda Castillo and Keri Murphy both have other jobs, they help out with the shop as well, providing input on inventory selection and taking shifts in the store among other things. Cas’ son Derek Baldonado is the Marketing Manager/Social Media expert as well as a sales associate.

At M ’n’ C you’ll find new, up-to-date products of all sorts, including jackets, caps, gloves, patches, helmets (they are one of two places in Colorado you can buy the Badass brand of helmets) and other accessories. Their slogan is “Bringing the Rally Home” meaning you don’t have to go to a rally to find great gear. They’ve got it in stock, and if they don’t, they’ll get if for you.

They’ll be having their Grand Opening tomorrow, Saturday March 17 from 10am to 4pm at 723 Dale Street (right off Santa Fe Ave) in Fountain, Colorado. Radio station 98.1 will be on hand with Mark Steven from 1-3, Smokin’ Hot Mama's BBQ will be serving up eats the whole time (10-4), Fountain’s own Dolly ‘Red’ Design will be on hand to sew your patches on. There will also be raffles, goody bags and more.

M ’n’ C is open from 10am to 6pm Tuesday through Saturday fan from 10am to 2pm Sunday. You can reach them at 719-382-0933, like them on Facebook at and visit their website at