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By Ed Duffy

Easy Street Designs, producers of this publication, recently moved from 109 Kiva Rd to a larger space down the street at 51 Widefield Blvd. We found several other newbies in and around our new building as well. Here's a look.

Paramount Environmental Services, at 55 Widefield Blvd provides asbestos abatement services. They specialize in residential restoration work, including fire and water damaged properties. You can reach them at 719.233.1020 or on the web at

WilPower - At 57 Widefield Blvd you'll find WilPower. Personal trainer Wil Lopez recently turned over his west side location to another trainer so he can concentrate on the Security-Widefield location. He's been a personal trainer for over 34 years. Find more information online at You can also call 719-201-3330 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Follow WilPower on Facebook at

Textron Systems - Located at 59 Widefield Blvd, Textron provides parts and maintenance to Fort Carson to keep their unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV's) in top flight condition. Learn more about Textron at

Patrick's Barber Shop - Across the street, at 78 Widefield Blvd, Patrick's Barber shop opened just a few weeks ago. Patick Dill, formerly of Manny's Barber Shop on Main Street, took over the shop after the previous owner retired for health reasons. You can reach Patrick's at 719-308-8025.

Laurie's Bookkeeping and And Tax Service - At 76 Widefield, you'll find Laurie's Bookkeeping and Tax Service. Laurie worked for H & R Block for many years before striking out on her own this year. Be sure to ask about military and senior discounts. You can reach Laurie at 719-358-7134 and find her on Facebook at

P & G Nails - P & G is a joint venture started by Patrick Dill of Patrick's Barber Shop and Gary Faver of Faver Roofing. Conveniently, Laurie's Bookkeeping and Tax Services keeps the books. You can reach P & G at 719-358-8007. The website is under construction at

Round the corner, past Blondies Hair Salon, Lotion Bar Cafe and Pine Tree, you'll soon find another newbie as God's Pantry Ministries moves their thrift store from Main Street in Fountain to their new site on Widefield Blvd, next to Kinetics Gymnastics and around the corner from Ybarra's Boxing Gym. We'll let you know when that opens, probably in the next few weeks.

And head straight back across the street, where you'll still find Center Pointe Family Medicine, and you're at Easy Street Designs new location. Easy Street offers graphic design, printing, copies, fax service, FedEx shipping and more. You can visit us on the web at, by phone at 719-390-5080, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and don't forget to join us on Facebook at

There are still a couple of spaces left in the area if you'd like to join the party. Contact Debbie Ury at Widefield Investments, 719-392-0194 or, if you're interested in our former location at 109 Kiva, contact Gary at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..