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By Ed Duffy

As a teenager, Carola Rafferty helped out her parents in Germany by doing administrative work, including bookkeeping and taxes for their small businesses. She came to the U.S. as an exchange student 16 years ago. That’s when she met her husband, Michael. They travelled back and forth to Germany for a number of years. Michael had joined the Army and was stationed in Hawaii for a time.  When Michael was medically discharged they decided to relocate to Colorado Springs. Michael has family in Denver and in Pueblo and also wanted to take advantage of veterans services here.

Carola spent 7 years working with Jackson Hewitt tax services. She became an assistant manager, manager, then a tax school instructor, teaching new employees and military wives.

Carola now has her own company, Carola’s Tax Assistance, LLC. Even though she started the company in her home, and only recently moved into her new office at 157 Fontaine Blvd, she has over 300 clients and two associates working with her. Carola was at a networking meeting when she met Katie Widau of Farmers Insurance in Security-Widefield, Colorado.

The two found they had a lot in common. Both offer services to local small businesses and both are very customer focused. They’re also interested in helping promote and develop the local small business community. Both are member of the Fountain Valley Chamber of Commerce as well as other local networking groups. When Katie suggested that Carola lease some space at her location, Carola decided it was a great time to move the business out of the house.

Now Carola’s Tax Assistance, LLC is part of a one stop shop for insurance, taxes and bookkeeping services. Carola has been a certified tax preparer since 2012. She does business taxes, personal taxes, and bookkeeping services. She specializes in military taxes as well. Military service members have unique challenges when it comes to taxes. Often their income comes from several states, or even countries, within one year. Being a military wife herself and having kept books for small businesses overseas, she is well qualified to handle the situation.

You’ll find Carola’s Tax Assistance, LLC at 157 Fontaine, inside the Farmers Insurance office of the Widau Agency. You can reach Carola at 912-977-6898, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., find her on Facebook at or visit the website at