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Press Release (City of Colorado Springs)

A new policy regarding the use of e-bikes on trails in Colorado Springs was presented to The Parks, Recreation and Cultural Services Advisory Board on Feb. 8. An electric bicycle, also known as an e-bike, power bike or booster bike, is a bicycle with an integrated electric motor which can be used for propulsion.

“E-bikes sales have grown in recent years, prompting communities across the country to create trail policies.” said Kurt Schroeder, Parks Maintenance, Open Space and Trails Manager.

Class 1 e-bikes, known as pedal assist bicycles, can only be activated through a pedaling action and are limited to relatively low speeds of 20 mph or less. Class 2 e-bikes are activated through a throttle element such as a grip-twist, trigger, button or a pedaling action and are also limited to speeds of 20 mph or less. Class 3 e-bikes can reach speeds of up to 28 mph while Class 4 e-bikes, also known as mopeds or motorcycles, are typically considered a motor vehicle.

The City of Colorado Springs’ policy will allow Class 1 e-bikes to operate on urban trails. The policy prohibits e-bikes on what are commonly known as multi-use trails. Multi-use trails are soft surfaces and part of a large regional park or open space property. For a complete list of urban trails where Class 1 e-bikes are allowed, along with more detailed information, visit