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By Ed Duffy


Update 01/22/18

El Paso County Sheriff reports the suspect has been taken into custody.


Latest Update from EPC (11:05am): Victim from shooting on Easy Street was revived during life saving efforts enroute to the hospital. Updates will be given as they become available. We are still looking for Christopher Martinez. Call 911 if you know of his whereabouts.

At just after 8:10 am this morning, my wife Linda and I got a knock on the door. Our neighbor, from 111 Easy Street informed us that someone had been shot. Linda went next door to see if she could help the victim, while I started searching our newly installed security camera system to see what I could pull up.

More info from the EPCSheriff Twitter feed

We later learned that the shooter is the ex-boyfriend of a woman who was staying over next door, along with her current boyfriend. The shooter shot the boyfriend and punched the ex girlfriend in the face before returning to his vehicle and driving off.

Sure enough on our video we see the vehicle pass by once, come back the other way a few minutes later and park. A man gets out and walks toward the house (off camera). About 3 minutes later a second person steps out of the vehicle from the passenger side as the alleged shooter returns. Both then get back in the vehicle and drive away.




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