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Press Release (Colorado State Forest Service)

Low-cost seedling trees and shrubs from the Colorado State Forest Service Woodland Park District are now available for order, as part of the 2018 Trees for Conservation seedling tree program. The program aids landowners, including those impacted by recent high-wind events or other natural disasters, to obtain seedling trees at a minimal cost to replace damaged or lost trees. The seedlings also can be used for conservation and land rehabilitation purpose.

New for the 2018 season, the CSFS Woodland Park and Cañon City seedling programs have merged to increase consistency and efficiency. The program now serves Custer, El Paso, Fremont, Park and Teller counties. This year, April 4 is the order deadline but early orders are encouraged while a larger selection is available.

The focus of the program is to help landowners to meet conservation goals, restore forests impacted by wildfire and other disturbance, reduce soil loss, and enhance wildlife habitat. The program also allows landowners to plant vegetation in areas impacted by tree insects and diseases.

Michael Till, a forester with the CSFS Woodland Park District, hopes the program will inspire landowners to take personal pride in the care of their properties through planting trees or shrubs. Planting seedlings can help increase the resilience of the forest to natural disasters by re-establishing lost vegetation; reducing soil erosion; improving air quality; and improving regional species diversity.

When considering which species to plant, landowners should consider elevation, aspect and soil type. Some of the most successful species for these counties are caragana, New Mexico privet, ponderosa pine, Douglas-fir and Rocky Mountain juniper. The Woodland Park and Canon City Districts also sells a variety of seedling survival accessories, including wind shades, tree guards, fertilizer tablets, weed barriers and pest repellents.

Orders made by April 4 will be available for pickup at the district offices in late April. For more information or to obtain an order form, go to, click on “Districts & Field Offices” and select the Woodland Park District, or call (719) 687-2921.