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This web-based or mobile application connects pilots and aircraft owners to hangar owners to create a safe place to store aircraft overnight at any U.S. airport.

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A group of pilots and commercial real estate experts has launched Hangar TonightTM— a web-based and mobile application that connects pilots who temporarily need hangar space for their aircraft as they fly across the country.

In the United States, there are nearly 225,000 general aviation aircraft in use, and those pilots need a place to house their aircraft when they arrive at their destination. Additionally, the U.S. has more than 19,000 general aviation airfields.

Instead of searching multiple websites or making numerous calls, pilots can use this app or website to book up to 29 nights for their aircraft in cities around the nation.

This service offers asset protection to aircraft owners, as well as additional income for hangar owners with spare capacity.

“I started Hangar TonightTM because I saw a need for short-notice hangar options for pilots and owners as they fly to different airfields throughout the USA. I witnessed firsthand the damage that extreme weather and the environment can do in a very short space of time,” said Brendan Clarke, founding owner.

Hangar TonightTM targets hangar owners who realize they can capitalize on their spare space to gain extra income by providing a short-term solution to pilots and aircraft owners who are transiting their airfield. As many hangar owners are also pilots, they understand they may require similar services when they travel to other destinations.

“I believe there are opportunities for pilots to protect their aircraft in a hangar overnight at minimal costs and for hangar owners with spare capacity to generate a little income,” Clarke said.

Founder Brendan Clarke’s Biography

Founding owner of Hangar TonightTM, Brendan Clarke is also a Certified Commercial Institute Member (CCIM) and principle and founder of Clarke Real Estate Group, specializing in aviation commercial real estate and attracting new aviation-related businesses to the region. Prior to that, he was managing director of Cushman & Wakefield in Colorado Springs.

Clarke served with both the Royal New Zealand Air Force and the Royal Air Force as a fighter pilot for 22 years. Afterward, he became an international airline pilot for Air New Zealand on the Boeing 777 aircraft. He has flown more than 8,500 hours in 11 different types of aircraft during his aviation career.

He has owned, managed and consulted on investment and commercial real estate both in New Zealand and more recently, Colorado, after relocating to Colorado Springs with his wife and family in 2013.


Protect your plane anywhere you land.

Hangar Tonight™ is owned and operated by a small group – including a seasoned military fighter pilot, international airline pilot and commercial real estate experts – that focuses on aviation properties.

Having witnessed millions of dollars in aircraft damage from a brief but intense hailstorm with tennis ball-sized hail at the Colorado Springs airport on July 28, 2016, they wished that pilots had known of the empty hangars on the airfield at the time.

They created Hangar Tonight™ to provide an easy solution to accommodate aircraft and to enable hangar owners to link directly to aircraft owners and pilots via a simple web-based or mobile platform. Users enter the airport, radius, aircraft type, dates/times, and then the algorithms show hangars that are available of the correct size to accommodate the aircraft.

Three quick, easy steps:

·       Search – at the airfield and within a selected radius;
·       Chat – directly with hangar owner and/or fixed base operator;
·       Book – immediately online and receive confirmation.
Find amazing overnight deals and connect with other pilots, aircraft owners and hangar owners/operators. For more information, visit Like them on Facebook at