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Press Release

The ER Specialists Urgency Center just south of Powers and Union Blvds, is a new Urgent Care Facility that has recently opened its doors in Colorado Springs, CO. ER Specialists Urgency Center was established by a group of experienced emergency room doctors, with an aim of providing fast, affordable and attentive urgent care in Colorado Springs in a calmer, more affordable and more pleasant environment than that of a hospital emergency room.

The team of doctors assisted by the trained and experienced staff offers medical care and on-site medicine for headaches, head injuries, chest and abdominal pain, fevers, difficulty breathing, asthma, broken bones and lacerations and many other health problems.  The doctors are equipped with in-house labs and are assisted by a team of highly skilled nurses, technicians and staff, whose main objective is to ensure that the patients are comfortable throughout their visit.

With local Colorado Springs Emergency Room waiting times approaching 6 hours during peak times, ER Specialists Urgency Center often has no wait time at all, adding to the patient’s speedy examination, diagnosis and treatment.
The Doctors at ER Specialists Urgency Center want people to have a different and positive experience when they get urgent care in Colorado Springs . On arrival, the patient will be welcomed by the comfortable reception area with friendly and attentive front-desk personnel ready to assist them in obtaining care. If there is a brief wait and before a doctor is available to attend to them,  the reception area offers charging stations, a coffee bar, and comfortable seating.  Every patient is given a rapid evaluation by the board-certified physicians with ER-trained staff in a comfortable and private exam room.

The Colorado Springs Urgent Care facility is equipped with in-house X-ray and CT scan located steps from the exam room, as well as bedside ultrasound, with rapid interpretation by board certified radiologists. This allows doctors to have most in-house labs performed at the facility with results provided in minutes. Throughout their stay, patients and their attendants enjoy a quiet and comfortable environment which has been designed to provide expedited, high-quality care delivered with kindness and compassion. There is also an on-site, expansive pharmacy that offers medicines for pain control and treating symptoms, getting patients back to health quickly.

Furthermore, for patients, who are found to require admission to the hospital or more specialized care as an inpatient, ER Specialists Urgency Center will arrange ambulance transport and admission.

About: ER Specialists Urgency Center in Colorado Springs is a new way of caring for sudden illnesses and injuries. The physicians and staff, with specialized training in emergency medicine, care for patients of all ages with medical problems including headaches, head injuries, chest and abdominal pain, fevers, difficulty breathing, asthma, broken bones and lacerations and many other problems. For more information, please visit:

ER Specialists Urgency Center
4194 Royal Pine Dr, Suite 100
Colorado Springs, CO 80920
(719) 522-2727