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Press Release/Company Profile

For people who are facing financial problems, including credit issues, reliable credit counseling can go a long way to solve the troubles. Kingdom Business Financial Group, LLC, which offers professional fixes for such issues, has become one of the top credit repair and credit management service providers in Colorado.

Based in Colorado, the company offers various types of credit improvement services, such as Credit Repair, Credit Education, Credit Management and Credit Restoration. Its team consists of financial experts and counselors who are efficient at providing clients with counseling, suggestions and advice that can help them manage and repair their credit debt problems very easily. The credit coaches associated with the company offer services with integrity and commitment.

The company was set up in 2004 to have the masses informed about credit education. It focuses on credit education. For this purpose, it has developed Creditlytics, a credit training program. The training program that spans 4 months discusses the need for understanding the 3 credit bureaus, the basic credit reports information and their role.

Participants can also know how important credit scores are, the need to use them, the need for maintaining proper credit scores as well as the 9 principles behind credit scores. Kingdom Business Financial Group, LLC or KBFG LLC wants to assist customers to attain financial success and how to restore credits.

About Kingdom Business Financial Group, LLC:
Kingdom Business Financial Group, LLC is a Credit repair Colorado Springs Company that consists of a team of experienced professionals who are experts in offering reliable credit counsel services and more.

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