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This includes BBBs serving: Northern Colorado and Wyoming, Denver and Boulder, and Southern Colorado.

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As part of ongoing efforts to provide the best possible support for small businesses, the BBBs of Colorado/Wyoming and the Colorado Small Business Development Center (CSBDC) will enter into an agreement concerning assistance to small businesses.

The organizations will sign a Memorandum of Understanding at 11 a.m. on Thursday, June 29, at the Office of Economic Development and International Trade Office, 1625 Broadway Street, Suite 2700, Denver, 80202.

The Better Business Bureau of Southern Colorado (BBBSC) has had a long-standing relationship with Pikes Peak SBDC and Southern Colorado SBDC, and has partnered to help educate and provide resources to small businesses.

Given the success experienced in Southern Colorado, the BBBs and CSBDC believe it would be advantageous to both organizations to work more collaboratively at the state level to foster collaboration and education for both organizations.

The State MOU uses the framework established between BBBSC, Pikes Peak SBDC and Southern Colorado SBDC and will include: Better Business Bureau serving Denver/Boulder, Better Business Bureau serving Wyoming and Northern Colorado, and the 12 additional full-time Small Business Development Centers and 70 part-time Centers of the Colorado SBDC Network.

“We appreciate the tremendous work that SBDC provides for small businesses and would like to work closer together throughout the state of Colorado,” said Jonathan Liebert, CEO and executive director of BBB of Southern Colorado.

“In Southern Colorado, we have achieved remarkable success through our partnership with Pikes Peak SBDC and Southern Colorado SBDC, and believe a statewide partnership with other BBBs and SBDCs will create a more cohesive network of resources and education for small businesses.”

The partnership allows BBBs and SBDCs in Colorado to partner and cross-promote services and events across the state, as well as provide more resources to communities and businesses unaware of BBB’s and Small Business Development Center’s services.


Since August of 1980, Better Business Bureau of Southern Colorado has helped consumers find businesses, brands, and charities they can trust. It serves 25 counties throughout Southern Colorado.

BBB of Southern Colorado sets standards for marketplace trust – to create a community of trustworthy businesses and charities – by encouraging and supporting best practices, educating consumers and businesses, celebrating business role models, and calling out and addressing substandard marketplace behavior.

BBB of Southern Colorado houses nearly 40,000 business profiles on companies in the region. In 2016, it received 2,660 complaints and had 1.67 million page views on its website. All company and charity reports are available for free online.

For more information, visit BBB of Southern Colorado, follow us on Twitter, or like us on Facebook.