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By Ed Duffy

Whirlyball, a fun indoor sport that is kind of a mashup of bumper cars and hockey, had it’s Grand Opening this past Saturday.

They held a pre-grand opening on Friday night and were nice enough to invite me to check it out.

The first thing I noticed is that it’s not just Whirlyball. They’ve got a bowling alley, with nice comfortable lounge seating, a full bar with 24 craft brews on tap, delicious food and plenty of seating, and they’ve got a banquet room as well. Oh yeah, and two Whirlyball arenas.

The game is really fun. It took a minute or so to get used to the steering, but it’s pretty simple. There are two teams of up to 5 players each, riding in “Whirlybugs”. You have a scoop, which you used to catch, pass, pick up the Whirlyball (like a wiffel ball) and either pass it or take a shot at the target. If you hit the target, your team scores two points. After 10 minutes, high score wins. There is a referee in a window overlooking the arena. If you commit a foul, such as picking up the ball with your hands, he/she awards the other team two points.

In between games I enjoyed a couple of craft brews, a buffalo chicken slider, a couple ribs and a reuben egg roll.

Here’s a little video of a demo game. For more information visit or