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Press Release (City of Colorado Springs)

Based upon increased fire activity, very high fire danger, current fire weather conditions and consultation and coordination of federal, state and local fire agencies, it is determined that Burn Restrictions are warranted in the City of Colorado Springs.
Pursuant of the 2009 International Fire Code the Fire Marshal has implemented Burn Restrictions for the City of Colorado Springs that shall prohibit the following activities:
1.      Recreational fires are not allowed.  A recreational fire is an outdoor fire for cooking, warmth, religious, or other special purposes that is not contained in a permanent fixture (incinerator, manufactured outdoor fireplace or pit, BBQ grill).

2.      Bonfires are not allowed.

3.      No smoking in any city parks/open spaces while burn restrictions are in place.

4.      Blasting, welding, and torches by permit only.

5.      Model rockets by permit only.

6.      Open or prescribed burning is not allowed (ditch burning, fires for silviculture, range or wildfire management).
Burn Restriction and Burn Ban Penalties - Person(s) failing to comply with a Burn Restriction or Burn Ban shall be punished in accordance with the Code of the City of Colorado Springs as amended (1.1.201). A careless fire that threatens or damages property is fourth degree arson and shall be prosecuted as such. For more information on burn restriction:
The Burn Restrictions shall take effect immediately upon the issuance of this order and shall remain in effect until such time the restrictions are modified.
Residents are encouraged to “Share the Responsibility” and reduce their wildfire
risk by implementing wildfire mitigation concepts into their landscaping.