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by Ed Duffy

Chuck Guttierez, owner of Rockwood Landscaping in Colorado Springs, like to fix things. He’s quite an artist when it comes to landscaping. He’s also a handyman and an inventor.

Chuck Guttierez

One of the tools of his trade is the chain saw. Chuck noticed some deficiencies with the product so, he fixed them. He’s been refining his solution for years and now has his own patented product: Chain Protect.

Chuck explains, “Chain protect is a safe and inexpensive way to maintain your chainsaw. Chain Protect was designed to make bucking firewood, chain sharpening, bar adjustment and starting your chainsaw an easier chainsaw experience.”

The simple, ingenious and patented device attaches via the hole in the end of the chain saw bar. Tighten it in the straight out position to avoid kick back when trimming branches. Tighten it in the “kickstand” position to hold the saw in place while sharpening your blade or while starting your saw. It also keeps your blade from touching the ground while in use, which can dull your blade faster and shorten its life. Chain Protect can also protect against a disengaged chain. The chain will wrap around the Chain Protect unit rather than flying back and injuring the user.

You can find Chain Protect online at for $19.99 with free shipping.

The video below shows exactly how it’s installed and used. For more information you can also call 719-661-0449 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..