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It’s Springtime in the Rockies and that means it’s time to head out to your local Big R and pick up some chicks, or ducklings or goslings or whatever your call baby turkeys. 

If you aren’t raising fowl at the moment, be sure to check your local ordinances/zoning in regards to how many you can have on your property. Best check your HOA rules as well. 

Chicks start at $2.99 each, ducklings - $4.99, geese $8.99 and turkeys you’ll have to call for pricing and availability. Actually it’s a good idea to call ahead regardless. They go fast, but they get more in all the time. They can also take your info and reserve some for you if they aren’t in stock. 

You can reach the Security-Widefield store at (719) 390-9130. For other locations and more information visit