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Laura Carno Educating Citizens About Ballot Initiative that Allows City to Keep $6 Million in TABOR Refunds

Laura Carno

Press Release (Laura Carno)

I Am Created Equal, organized as a 501(c)4, announced today the launch of a citizen-led radio advertisement campaign focused on educating voters about Colorado Springs Ballot Issue 2, which will be on the Colorado Springs Municipal ballot this April.
If passed, Issue 2 will permit the City of Colorado Springs to retain up to $6 million in TABOR refunds. If Issue 2 doesn’t pass, the $6 million will be returned to the taxpayers.
“Mayor John Suthers and the City Council haven’t demonstrated that they are willing to properly prioritize taxpayer dollars,” said Colorado resident and I Am Created Equal founder Laura Carno, who recently wrote a blog on this topic. “They need to remember that every dollar they spend is a dollar you and I earned.”
Visitors to the site can hear the new “Not One More Dime” radio ad, donate to I Am Created Equal in support of the new radio ads, and read about what the City of Colorado Springs is actually spending your tax dollars on.
For more information, please visit To schedule an interview about this campaign, contact Laura Carno at 719-492-0211 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
Script for Radio Ad:
Mayor Suthers, this is Laura Carno.  Mayor, when is enough enough?  I’m a fiscal conservative, and you’re supposed to be a conservative too, so why do you keep asking voters for more money?  You asked for fifty million to fix the roads.  You increased the budget by thirteen million.  And now you want another 6 million.  Mayor Suthers, we haven’t heard a single word from you about making the budget more efficient.  Not one cut, not one tough decision.  Just more, and more and more.  We all want our city to thrive, Mayor.  But we want you to look out for our pocketbooks.  You paid sixty thousand dollars a year for someone to be in charge of bike paths and you gave city employees a free medical clinic the rest of us can’t even use.  Now you’re shoving Measure Two onto taxpayers — the same taxpayers who already fund hundreds of millions for your city budget.  Until you get out a red pen and make some hard decisions, you shouldn’t get one more dime.