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Consumers report unauthorized recurring charges after purchases are made.

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Better Business Bureau of Southern Colorado (BBB) has completed an investigation of a Southern Colorado company, Fan Bling HQ LLC, which is an online retail company.

The company has an address of 80 Mount View Lane, Suite H, Colorado Springs, CO 80907, and a phone number of 877-323-3261. The listed principal for FanBling HQ LLC is Tessa Ottrock and the registered agent is Steven Shideler. The company has also done business under the names of Fan Gear HQ LLC, Fan Shop HQ and Fan HQ Buyers Club.

BBB warns that this is NOT an accredited business. BBB logo

BBB has processed and closed 31 complaints against Fan Bling HQ LLC in the past 12 months. As BBB does not publish complaints until they are closed, the 31 complaints may not be all-encompassing of the complaints received by BBB of Southern Colorado. Additionally, Fan Bling HQ has received 26 negative customer reviews since June 2016.

BBB files indicate that this business has a pattern of complaints concerning product/service, delivery issues and sales practices. Consumers report the business fails to fulfill delivery orders in a timely manner or deliveries are incomplete.

Further, consumers are reporting that after a purchase they are receiving a monthly automatic debit for a membership to a “VIP Fan Club” or “Fan HQ Buyers Club” in the amount of $28.60. When consumers attempt to cancel the subscription, Fan Bling HQ LLC’s customer service team is not available and they are unable to access their account on-line to cancel.

On January 24, 2017, BBB contacted this business in regards to a pattern of complaints. Fan Shop HQ replied requesting more information, which BBB supplied; to date Fan Bling HQ LLC has not addressed the pattern of complaints. BBB has reviewed the “VIP Fan Club” website,, and the content is protected and requires a customer account to access.

For consumers seeking services or products, BBB advises consumers to use BBB’s website or call its offices to find an accredited business that has a recordable history of providing a specific type of service or product.

If you have done business with Fan Bling HQ LLC, Fan Gear HQ LLC, Fan Shop HQ or Fan HQ Buyers Club, BBB would like to speak with you. Please call 719-636-5076, extension 129. BBB reminds consumers that unauthorized charges to a debit or credit card may be disputed with their financial institutions.

“BBB pro-actively identifies marketplace practices that are deceptive, misleading, unethical or should be called into question,” said Jonathan Liebert, CEO and executive director of Better Business Bureau of Southern Colorado.

“When a company fails to follow good business practices, we investigate them before informing the public. We hope this will help consumers be aware of substandard business practices, so they can take action to protect themselves.”

Click on this link to read the BBB Business Review of Fan Bling HQ LLC:


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