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To say it's speculative at this point might be an understatement, but it sounds like Dragonman would like to make it happen.

This is from a February 18 post on the Dragonman Facebook page.

"Dragonman's Drag Strip UPDATE:
I got a very important phone call yesterday that the owners of this property would finally like to sell it. They are working out a price and how many acres I would like/need. It has to be sub-divided from hundreds of connecting acres. That is the first hurdle, the second hurdle will be agreeing on a price and the third hurdle will be getting it all rebuilt and restored!! This is the old drag strip and oval track that closed around 1986!

I walked out there yesterday, from Hwy. 94 a mile and a half each way, after the phone call and took these photos! As you can see the whole thing has to be ripped up and redone! The most important thing about this Drag Strip is it is still zoned for a drag strip/race track. As Colorado Springs is building up very fast, nobody would really approve a drag strip close to their homes. So the fact that it is already zoned is very important and crucial to the development! This is the only thing that Colorado Springs is really missing! I am trying my best to make this happen! Wish me luck because I know you guys really want this!!±"

Good luck! For more information about Dragonman visit or the Dragonmans FB page.