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When the Humane Society informed Fort Carson they would no longer be able to provide rescue and shelter services for abandoned and relinquished animals on post, Land of Ahs Kennels in Fountain, CO,  stepped up to the challenge.

As of January 1, 2012, Land of Ahs is under contract with Fort Carson as Fort Carson Animal Rescue. Abandoned, lost or relinquished pets are brought to their facility, where they are cleaned, fed, housed and cared for. The intake and housing for rescued animals is in a separate building from the rest of the kennel, so there is no intermingling with the customer pet population.

After 5 days, if an animal is not claimed by its owner, the pets are available for adoption or taken by other rescue services such as Pals Forever, All Breed Rescue and even the Humane Society if they have room.

Owners Eileen and Merle Maser are happy to report that of the 15 rescued animals they’ve taken in to date, all have either been reclaimed or adopted except the one cat that came in recently. If you’ve lost a pet on or near Fort Carson, you can visit  to see if they’ve been brought to the Fort Carson Animal Rescue.

Land of Ahs is a full service kennel, located on Jordan Rd, on the south end of Fountain. They offer pet boarding as well as pick up and delivery via their Pet Taxi.

For more information visit their new and improved website at or call
(719) 382-1126.