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Press Release (PRNewswire)

eBay announced its 2018 Shopping Report, taking an in-depth look at the launches, anniversaries and collabs that rose to the top and encouraged people from coast to coast to open up their wallets. In a year marked by superheroes, sought-after sneakers, stress relief and Supreme, some surprising statistics emerged – demonstrating what's on shoppers' minds and what trends are here to stay.

eBay’s 2018 Shopping Report takes an in-depth look at the launches, anniversaries and collaborations that rose to the top this year, driving spikes in eBay searches and sales, and encouraging shoppers to open up their wallets.

New data from eBay’s 2018 Shopping Report shows the events that impacted purchase behavior this year, as people flocked to Fortnite, felt the effect of King James, were ‘Royally’ inspired and filled their closets with logo fashion.

"As the world's largest marketplace, eBay search and sales data provides an interesting look at what's happening in culture," said Bradford Shellhammer, eBay's Vice President of Buyer Experience. "By paying attention to new shopping behaviors over the course of the year – investments in trading cards, the resurgence of vinyl, an affinity for yellow decor and SMEG appliances and kids of all ages digging dinosaurs – we're able to predict the types of gifts that will bring joy this holiday season."

Whether it's driving millions in sales or causing drastic spikes in search, what's happening on eBay reflects what's happening in the world. Here are the 18 things that stood out in 2018:

    The Looks: Cozy Coats, Bike Shorts
    The Logos: Champion, Supreme
    The Designer:Virgil Abloh
    The Sneakers: Nike Air Max 1/97 Sean Wotherspoon 
    The Player: LeBron James
    The Record Breakers: Tom Brady, Derek Jeter
    The Comeback: Vinyl
    The Tech: Connected Home, Electric Scooters 
    The Décor: Yellow Hues, SMEG appliances
    The Game: Fortnite
    The Franchise: Spider-Man
    The Collectible: Magic: The Gathering 
    The Royals: Tiaras and Trench Coats
    The Wedding: Meghan and Harry
    The Anniversaries: Harry Potter, Mickey Mouse
    The Wellness Fix: Aromatherapy, Cannabidiol
    The Vehicles: RVs, Trucks and Luxury Rides
    The Toys: Dinosaurs, L.O.L. Surprise!

eBay's 2018 Shopping Report1

    LOOKS OF THE YEAR: Cozy Coats: Celebrities like Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Kendall Jenner sported faux fur this year, and popular designs emerged from brands like ASOS and TopShop. eBay sales of the "teddy bear" coat nearly quadrupled between September and October. From vests to backpacks, 50,000 faux fur items sold on eBay between July and September - a 105 percent increase in just 90 days.Bike Shorts: Nearly 110,000 cycling and biker shorts have been sold on eBay in 2018. After celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Bella Hadid and Emily Ratajkowski were seen wearing the trend, eBay sales for the shorts spiked, with a 27 percent increase in less than 90 days.Top Prints: In the first week of October, 378 animal print items were sold per day. Looking to compare print trends? eBay Fashion saw stripes beat out polka dots by more than 18,000 items sold, and leopard print edge past snakeskin by 10,000 purchases (in the last 60 days).Luxury Watches: eBay shoppers picked up one luxury watch every three minutes this year. Rolex watches accounted for 20 percent of total luxury watch sales in 2018, with other top-selling brands for the year including Omega, Tag Heuer, Longines and Breitling.Denim Boots: In August, eBay saw a 107 percent increase in sales month-over-month for thigh-high denim boots after Jennifer Lopez wore a pair from Versace.

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New “Tamper Heat” and “Tamper Freeze” inks combat thieves’
efforts to use extreme heat or cold to alter packaging

Press Release (Merit Media Relations)

The BlindSpotz™ technology of CTI (Chromatic Technologies Inc.) is helping stop product tampering by inventing the first dual-indicator to detect product tampering from heat and freezing. The use of extreme temperatures (especially sub-zero temperatures) to circumvent traditional security measures on packaging has increased substantially among criminals in recent years, with no effective deterrent until now.

To date, most tamper indicators only reveal heat tampering (such as using a heat gun to melt glue on packaging tape). BlindSpotz™ ‘Tamper Freeze’ and ‘Tamper Heat’ inks show color and messaging when thieves use heat OR cold to tamper with packages.

The ‘Tamper Heat and Tamper Freeze’ ink technologies from CTI are designed to protect documents, seals, tape, labels or various packaging substrates.  ‘Tamper Freeze’ inks turn from clear to blue when exposed to temperatures below -10° C while  ‘Tamper Heat’ turns from gray to orange (or gray to pink) if exposed to heat greater than 65° C.

The long-time industry standard has been a ‘high-heat’ tamper indicator that changes color, but now there’s a tool to fight bad actors who use cold spray, freezing or liquid nitrogen to (1) pull apart a money or document bag and (2) remove and replace an expired label or bypass security tape–treated, high-heat irreversible inks.

According to CTI Founder Lyle Small, “Criminals have figured out that the way to get around high-heat tampering indicators is to ‘go cold’ by exposing packaging to very low temperatures. This can “delaminate” many adhesives without activating a tamper-heat indicator.

“The BlindSpotz™ ‘Tamper Heat and Tamper Freeze’ inks eliminate both threats,” Small continued. CTI’s ‘Tamper Freeze’ ink is the only tamper-evident product on the market to identify sub-freezing tampering. 

Additionally, the ‘Tamper Heat’ ink offers multiple advantages compared to existing high-heat tamper evident inks: (1) they maintain color if exposed to very high temperatures (greater than 100° C for instance), (2) Tamper Heat/ Tamper Freeze technology activates within a 5° C window, (3) can be printed with adhesives and over-print varnishes and (4) will last much longer on the shelf than existing “heat irreversible” systems, in both wet and printed states.

The ‘Tamper Heat and Tamper Freeze’ inks are part of the BlindSpotz™ technology portfolio from CTI developed to print sensors on-pack to measure temperature compliance, confirm high pressure processing (HPP) pasteurization  and detect tampering or water damage.

The ‘Tamper Heat-Freeze’ ink is available in UV Flexo and Water-based inks systems.

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Press Release (Center for Responsible Lending)

Coloradans have come together to stop predatory payday lending by passing a 36% cap on annual interest rates for payday loans. Today’s results make Colorado the fifth state to affirm an interest rate cap by ballot and the sixteenth state (plus the District of Columbia) to protect against predatory payday lending through reasonable usury limits.

In a campaign led by representatives of communities hardest hit by predatory payday lending—including the NAACP, COLOR, and veterans—voters passed Proposition 111, which will put an end to interest rates on payday loans that averaged well into the triple digits and could legally rise above 200%. The reform can be expected to save the state approximately $50 million per year in excessive fees.

Endorsers came from all walks of life—over fifty veterans’ groups, dozens of faith leaders, the Colorado Catholic Conference and Colorado Council of Churches, groups serving both urban and rural communities, such as Mile High United Way and the Rocky Mountain Farmers Union—as well as both major and smaller news outlets, and lawmakers and candidates from both sides of the aisle.

High-cost payday lenders rely on a business model of reaching into their customers’ bank accounts for payment, whether or not the funds are there, or whether money remains for necessities such as rent and food, frequently forcing customers into repeated borrowing. Customers described financial distress including accumulating bank fees and an inability to break free from a web of debt that makes them worse off than when they started.

“This campaign harnessed the energy of individuals and groups from across the political spectrum, giving voice to those most impacted by the trap of predatory payday loan debt,” said Center for Responsible Lending Western Office Director, Ellen Harnick. “Those who are on the ground understand the harm that triple-digit loans cause struggling families, and they made sure those stories were heard. Now Colorado joins states across the nation that are waking up to stop the debt trap for people already working hard to make ends meet.”

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Lotion Bar Cafe in Security-Widefield is hosting their annual Handmade Hollyday bazaar today until 5pm.

Santa Claus will be on hand from noon until 3pm. Head on over and get a pic with the kids.

You'll also find venders offering locally produced goods and services, including some great holiday gift ideas.

It's a little windy, but they're hanging tough. Stop by and check them out.

Lotion Bar is located at 56 Widefield Blvd, just south of Fontaine, right across from Easy Street Designs.


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Press Release

Jon Jolicoeur

Jon Jolicoeur has been selected as the new Director of Commercial Maintenance Operations for the Griffis/Blessing Commercial Maintenance Group. Mr. Jolicoeur will oversee a department of 16 employees providing maintenance for both the Commercial Portfolio as well as the continuously growing Commercial Maintenance Portfolio of properties requiring maintenance services.

“We are excited to bring in Jon Jolicoeur, FMP as the new head of the Commercial Maintenance Department. His strong background in project and operations management has honed his attention to detail, customer service, and communication skills making him an excellent asset to Griffis/Blessing,“ says Doris Wall, Vice President, Commercial Property Services.

Prior to working for Griffis/Blessing, Mr. Jolicoeur worked as the Director of Facilities at Union Printer’s Nursing Home. He has earned his FMP (Facilities Maintenance Professional) designation with IFMA. The FMP designation requires testing in four area of knowledge in Operations and Management,  Project Management, Finance and Business, and Leadership/Strategy.

Headquartered in Colorado Springs, CO with additional offices in Denver, Griffis/Blessing, Inc. currently manages over 5.4 million square feet of commercial space, and more than 8,200 apartment units. The company has provided award-winning property management and real estate investment services since 1985. For more information, visit