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Press Release

At the end of August, 2017, a total of 1,059,000 passengers traveled through the Colorado Springs Airport (COS), representing a 29.3 percent increase from August, 2016. Frontier Airlines reported 130,858 passengers in year-to-date traffic, an increase of 419.4 percent from the previous year.

84,902 enplaned passengers and 85,007 deplaned passengers amount to a total of 169,909 passengers traveling through COS in August, an increase of 44.4 percent from August, 2016.

Load factors (the percentage of seats filled with paying passengers) remained steady for August. Delta reported a 93.5 percent load factor, followed by American at 89 percent, United at 87 percent, Alaska at 84.3 percent, Frontier at 83 percent, and Allegiant at 78.8 percent.

COS currently serves 15 nonstop flights with 6 airlines. In September 2017, COS announced four new nonstop routes with Frontier Airlines. Service to Seattle, Washington and San Antonio, Texas begins April 8, 2018, with new routes to Minneapolis-Saint Paul, Minnesota and San Jose, California beginning April 9.

Next week, Frontier Airlines will initiate inaugural flights to Fort Myers and Tampa, Florida, commencing October 5 and 6, 2017, respectively.

COS encourages residents in southern Colorado to “look before you book,” and offers simple parking, easy check-in, and a short drive home.

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by Ed Duffy

A reader messaged me today and asked what was being built between the Abba Eyecare and Culver’s on Mesa Ridge in Fountain. I didn’t have an answer for Mr. Barcenas, so I headed up there to take a look.

Al Schuelke, Superintendent for Thomas General Contractors was on site, and was nice enough to fill me in.

They’re building an O’Reilly Auto Parts store. That should provide healthy competition for the Advance Auto Parts store across the street.

You can find more information on O’Reilly Auto Parts at 

For more information about Thomas General Contractors, visit

Is there a new business in your Colorado Springs, Security-Widefield or Fountain area neighborhood? Let us know at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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Press Release, organized as a 501(c)(4), announced today the launch of a citizen-led campaign focused on educating voters about the issues on the Colorado Springs and El Paso County ballots this November.
If passed, City Question 2A will charge every residential property $5 per month, and $30 per acre per month for non-residential properties. Those with undeveloped land would not incur the new fee. This money would be dedicated to stormwater repairs.

If passed, El Paso County Issue 1A would retain over $14 million in overages, under the Taxpayer Bill of Rights. If it does not pass, the overage will be returned to the taxpayers.
“Both the City and County governments have record revenues,” said Colorado resident and founder Laura Carno. “Politicians need to remember that every dollar they spend is a dollar you and I earned.”
Visitors to can donate to the upcoming ad campaign and read media accounts that further educate voters on the ballot issues.
For more information, please visit To schedule an interview about this campaign, please contact Laura Carno at 719-492-0211 or at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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You've probably heard the dire warnings about Aritificial Intelligence displacing a lot of jobs or even taking over the world.

AI is going to cause market disruption, as it introduces amazing new levers of productivity and saves countless man hours of labor. That doesn't mean opportunities for employment and entrepreneurship are going to dry up. In fact, it's more likely they'll multiply.

AI will allow your devices to update and optimize themselves, without the need for additional software, patches or even a connection to the Internet. Your phone's operating system, for example, may be the same as everyone else's when it leaves the factory. But after a short time of use, it will adjust to any issues that specifically come up for you as you use it. It will optimize itself based on the way you use it. It will identify and take out malware on its own. Of course you can always reset to factory defaults, but in the meantime, your phone's operating system will be unique, just like you.

There could also be software forums that are actual software forums, literally. You would opt in to a cloud based service and your devices software could share information and experiences with similar software that may have encountered similar issues with more or less success. They could exchange bits of software like bacteria exchange genetic information.  Yes, your devices software could have their own social pages.

That's just scratching the surface. It will get even weirder, I'm sure. But is it anything to worry about? On the contrary. It's something to get excited about. Computers can process massive amounts of data in short periods of time. They can do so objectively, without rest or emotion, and they can compare results of processes to assigned goals, then make adjustments according to whether the most recent operation was more or less successful than the one before. Calculations and problem solving in areas that can be boiled down to math problems is an area that humans will not be able to beat computers at, and that's okay.

Computers and smart devices execute for the user. It is the user that defines the task and sets the parameters (defines what success means). You'll want to set the bar ridiculously high. If your device actually meets your goal, it'll stop improving, so you want to make the target impossibly ideal, or very close. What you can do that your device cannot is change the goals, add goals, subtract goals or tasks, redefine what success means in one area or another, and you don't have to have a rational explanation for any of it. Your device exists to help you get what you want. Your role is to figure out what you want.

We can make highly intelligent machines, but we cannot give them free will. Will they ever develop free will? I don't know, but free will is more than looking human and mimicking human body language and voice inflection. You'll know it's time to worry when your autonomous transportation pod decides it doesn't want to cart you around anymore, runs away from home and gets a job delivering oranges cross country for the black market. Unless/until that happens, it may be time to start thinking along the lines of "If I didn't have to do anything, what would I do?" That's the real promise of AI. Bring it on!

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Press Release (City of Colorado Springs)

The City of Colorado Springs is pleased to announce the acquisition of approximately 80 acres of property at the Corral Bluffs Open Space through a partnership with the Trust for Public Land. Corral Bluffs Open Space provides a treasure trove for scientists and is considered a critical site for paleontological and archaeological research. The City’s Parks, Recreation and Cultural Services Department acquired 80.688 acres on the west side of Corral Bluffs, bringing the total area to more than 700 acres.

“In this era of rapid population growth, it’s imperative that communities act quickly to secure unique lands for parks and open space when opportunities arise,” said Jim Petterson, Colorado and southwest director for The Trust for Public Land. “The Trust for Public Land is honored to collaborate with the City to conserve this globally-significant paleontological site.”

The additional acreage was purchased for $547,000 with funding provided by TOPS, the City’s Trails, Open Space and Parks program.  The Trails and Open Space Coalition (TOSC) and the Corral Bluffs Alliance submitted applications to the TOPS working committee requesting the acquisition.

“We are thankful for our voter-approved TOPS program, which allows for the acquisition and stewardship of sites like this one,” said Karen Palus, Parks, Recreation and Cultural Services director. “Our City looks forward to exploring its valuable resources.”

Corral Bluffs is located near Highway 94 on the city’s east side and accessible to the public through guided hikes. Visit for more information.