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Griffis/Blessing to manage Mountain Shadows Professional Center

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Press Release

The commercial portfolio continues to grow in Colorado Springs with the addition of Mountain Shadows Professional Center as Besherit, LLC has chosen Griffis/Blessing, Inc to provide property management services. The 23,948 square foot office building was built in 2000 and is located on the Northwest side of the city at 5731 Silverstone Terrace.
The Commercial Property Services Group team of Liz Seeger, RPA, LEED AP, Portfolio Manager, Cortney Brunner, Portfolio Assistant, and Tiffany Koschwitz, Property Accountant, will handle the day-to-day operations.
“This is a great opportunity for us to work with an owner new to the area and demonstrate how our management expertise can improve the quality of service for their tenants and the ownership,” says Senior Vice President Richard K. Davidson, CPM®. “We truly appreciate the referral of our services from one of our current partners.”
Southern Colorado’s largest property manager of commercial and multifamily properties, Griffis/Blessing is headquartered in Colorado Springs, CO with additional offices in Denver. The organization currently manages over 4 million square feet of commercial space, and more than 9,300 apartment units located along Colorado’s Front Range. The company has provided award-winning property management and real estate investment services since 1985. For more information, visit

Red Energy PR promotion announcement

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Press Release (


Red Energy Public Relations of Colorado Springs is pleased to announce that "Ellie" Amy Rodriguez has been promoted from Account Executive to Senior Account Executive at Red Energy Public Relations, Advertising & Events where she will provide media relations support, social media management and oversee client accounts.


Is there something new at your company that you'd like to share? Send your press release to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

John Stossel - Fake News

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"Fake News!" shouts our president, calling out CNN, The New York Times and others.

I love it.

Although it's not really true -- not the way President Donald Trump means it. The media rarely "fake" anything. Over time, they generally get the facts correct.

But the president makes a good point: The smug lamestream media spin left but won't admit it.

At ABC News, my colleagues acted as if I was the only guy in the building with an opinion. Everyone else was "in the middle." This was nonsense. Almost all were leftists. They constantly pushed big government. Their bias was revealed in questions they asked, the "experts" they chose to interview and their endless calls for political correctness and new regulation.

Unfortunately, Trump is now just as ridiculous, claiming that "crime is reaching record levels" when it's half what it was 25 years ago. He claimed, "We had a very smooth rollout of the travel ban," and that he had "the biggest electoral college win since Reagan," and so on.

This is absurd. Facts are facts. Trump shouldn't make things up.

But I still love his "Fake!" tweets because much of what media spew is misleading.

I did it myself. On "20/20," my consumer reports covered exploding coffee pots and risks posed by pesticides used on lawns. ("Danger in the Grass!")

These weren't lies. A few personal injury lawyers did have clients injured by coffee pots. One man's skin peeled off after he played golf on a freshly sprayed course. The injuries were horrible.

But in terms of consumer protection, this "news" was irrelevant and misleading. It's a big country. Rare and horrible things happen. I wised up eventually, realizing that those threats distract people from real threats, like driving in the rain, drinking too much, smoking, etc.

But my peers continue to terrify people about trivial or nonexistent threats from power lines, hair dye, saccharin, NutraSweet, Teflon pans, electric blankets, computer terminals, cellphones, "killer" bees and more. They win awards for it.

In 1999, the media said planes would crash because computers couldn't handle the switch to the year 2000. Now they claim global warming will drown us if we don't honor meaningless climate treaties. They imply that polar bears are vanishing, although scientists studying 13 polar bear populations found "12 stable/increasing and one declining."

Friday, Trump varied his attack, calling The New York Times, NBC, ABC, CBS and CNN "the enemy of the American people."


Maybe Trump said that because he's a narcissist who thinks he is "the American people" and the media run antagonistic headlines like:

"Doomsday Clock Ticks 30 Seconds Closer to Global Annihilation Thanks to Trump, Scientists Say" --

"...Trump will Destroy the Environment..." -- The Intercept

"Trump Will Destroy Public Education If We Let Him" -- Huffington Post op-ed

"Is Donald Trump a Threat to Democracy?" -- New York Times

"How Trump's Speech to the CIA Endangered America" -- The Atlantic

These claims are a mix of opinion and click-bait. All are possible. Trump could be the infantile, petulant authoritarian some of us fear. Terrible things may happen. But they haven't yet, and much of what's written deserves the label "fake news."

The press is depressingly shallow. They blow up little things, speculate about conspiracies and constantly obsess about "who's winning?" Offensive remarks are taken out of context and amplified. Days later, it's forgotten and the media move on to the next sensational accusation. They rarely explain the policies at stake, what those policies cost, past success or failure or the laws of economics.

As a result, we miss the real news: the big, important changes that happen slowly. Remember the coverage of the beginning of the women's movement, the invention of the computer chip, Google, Facebook, etc.? No? That's because there wasn't any. But the growth of Facebook alone changed lives more than the election of any politician.

Wages rise -- inflation-adjusted household income rose $7,000 over the last 30 years. But the media claim that the middle class and the poor get poorer.

We live longer than ever. Crime is down. But Americans are fearful and pessimistic because what they read and see on TV makes them believe life's getting worse. When the media do that, they are indeed enemies of the people.

John Stossel is the author of "No They Can't! Why Government Fails -- But Individuals Succeed." For other Creators Syndicate writers and cartoonists, visit

There's Nothing Free

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It was Nobel laureate economist Milton Friedman who made famous the adage, "There's no such thing as a free lunch." Professor Friedman could have added that there is a difference between something's being free and something's having a zero price. For example, people say that there's free public education and there are free libraries, but public education and libraries cost money. Proof that they have costs is the fact that somebody has to have less of something by giving up tax money so that schools and libraries can be produced and operated. A much more accurate statement is that we have zero-price public education and libraries.

Costs can be concealed but not eliminated. If people ignore costs and look only to benefits, they will do darn near anything, because everything has a benefit. Politicians love the fact that costs can easily be concealed. The call for import restrictions, in the name of saving jobs, is politically popular in some quarters. But few talk about the costs. We know there are costs because nothing is free.

Let's start with a hypothetical example of tariff costs. Suppose a U.S. clothing manufacturer wants to sell a suit for $200. He is prevented from doing so because customers can purchase a nearly identical suit produced by a foreign manufacturer for $150. But suppose the clothing manufacturer can get Congress to impose a $60 tariff on foreign suits in the name of leveling the playing field and fair trade. What happens to his chances of being able to sell his suit for $200? If you answered that his chances increase, go to the head of the class. Next question is: Who bears the burden of the tariff? If you answered that it's customers who must pay $50 more for a suit, you're right again.

In his 2012 State of the Union address, President Barack Obama boasted that "over 1,000 Americans are working today because we stopped a surge in Chinese tires." According to a study done by the Peterson Institute for International Economics (, those trade restrictions forced Americans to pay $1.1 billion in higher prices for tires. So though 1,200 jobs were saved in the U.S. tire industry, the cost per job saved was at least $900,000 in that year. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average annual salary of tire builders in 2011 was $40,070.

Here's a question for those of us who support trade restrictions in the name of saving jobs: In whose pockets did most of the $1.1 billion that Americans paid in higher prices go? It surely did not reach tire workers in the form of higher wages. According to the Peterson Institute study, "most of the money extracted by protection from household budgets goes to corporate coffers, at home or abroad, not paychecks of American workers. In the case of tire protection, our estimates indicate that fewer than 5 percent of the consumer costs per job saved reached the pockets of American workers." There is another side to this. When households have to pay higher prices for tires, they have less money to spend on other items -- such as food, clothing and entertainment -- thereby reducing employment in those industries.

Some people point out that other countries, such as Japan, impose heavy tariffs on American products. Indeed, Tokyo levies a 490 percent tariff on rice imports to allow Japanese rice growers to gain higher income by charging Japanese consumers four times the world price for rice. Therefore, some suggest that Congress should even the playing field by imposing stiff tariffs on Japanese imports to the U.S. Such an argument differs little from one that says that because the Japanese government screws its citizens, the U.S. government should retaliate by screwing its own citizens. Putting the issue in another context: If you and I are at sea in a rowboat and I commit the foolish act of shooting a hole in my end of the boat, would it be intelligent for you to retaliate by shooting a hole in your end of the boat?

Walter E. Williams is a professor of economics at George Mason University. To find out more about Walter E. Williams and read features by other Creators Syndicate writers and cartoonists, visit the Creators Syndicate webpage at

Drag Racing coming to the Springs?

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To say it's speculative at this point might be an understatement, but it sounds like Dragonman would like to make it happen.

This is from a February 18 post on the Dragonman Facebook page.

"Dragonman's Drag Strip UPDATE:
I got a very important phone call yesterday that the owners of this property would finally like to sell it. They are working out a price and how many acres I would like/need. It has to be sub-divided from hundreds of connecting acres. That is the first hurdle, the second hurdle will be agreeing on a price and the third hurdle will be getting it all rebuilt and restored!! This is the old drag strip and oval track that closed around 1986!

I walked out there yesterday, from Hwy. 94 a mile and a half each way, after the phone call and took these photos! As you can see the whole thing has to be ripped up and redone! The most important thing about this Drag Strip is it is still zoned for a drag strip/race track. As Colorado Springs is building up very fast, nobody would really approve a drag strip close to their homes. So the fact that it is already zoned is very important and crucial to the development! This is the only thing that Colorado Springs is really missing! I am trying my best to make this happen! Wish me luck because I know you guys really want this!!±"

Good luck! For more information about Dragonman visit or the Dragonmans FB page.

Griffis/Blessing adds Gold Hill Shopping Center in Woodland Park to its commercial management portfolio

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Press Release

Griffis/Blessing has been selected by TP Gold Hill, LLC to manage the Gold Hill Shopping Center in Woodland Park, CO. The 72,227 square foot retail center, located at 741-799 Gold Hill Place South, is home to fifteen tenants and is anchored by City Market and Wendy’s.

Rita Dugan, Property Manager, and Elizabeth Miller, Portfolio Assistant, will oversee the day-to-day operations with the assistance of Cindy Colby, Property Accountant. NAI Highland is handling the leasing for the property.
“The opportunity to manage this shopping center for a new owner out of Utah is very exciting as it expands our management footprint in Woodland Park. Our quality customer service and expertise in the management of retail shopping centers along the Front Rage were key factors in being selected to manage this property.” says Senior Vice President, Richard K. Davidson, CPM®. “With this new addition, we now manage over 990,000 square feet of retail space.”
Headquartered in Colorado Springs, CO with an additional office in Denver, Griffis/Blessing, Inc. is Southern Colorado’s largest property manager of commercial and multifamily properties. Griffis/Blessing, Inc currently manages over 4 million square feet of commercial space, and more than 9,300 apartment units along the Front Range. The company has been providing award-winning property management and real estate investment services since 1985. For more information, visit

Dunkin' Donuts coming to Markets at Mesa Ridge in Fountain, Colorado

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Ground has been broken on what workers tell us will be a new Dunkin' Donuts at The Markets at Mesa Ridge in Fountain.

The site is next to the Lowes and behind Chase Bank at Fountain Mesa Road and Mesa Ridge Parkway.

Boys & Girls Club of the Pikes Peak Region hosts 49th annual Youth of the Year award dinner at The Broadmoor

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Press Release (

Presenting sponsor Raytheon and the Boys & Girls Club of the Pikes Peak Region will host the 49th annual Youth of the Year awards dinner at 6 p.m., Friday, Feb. 24, at The Broadmoor, Rocky Mountain Ballroom in Broadmoor West, 1 Lake Ave.

The evening will include celebration of the accomplishments of the Club’s hard-working teen members.

A panel of judges will select one Youth of the Year from four local youth. Some of the criteria for nomination include:

· Embodying the values of leadership and service; academic excellence; and healthy lifestyles.

· Participated in a year-round recognition program, serving as a role model for other young people in the Club and as a representative to the community.

The winner will compete in Denver against 16 other youth from around the state. The state Youth of the Year goes on to a regional competition of six, and the winner at the regional event moves on to compete for the 2017 National Youth of the Year title. The national winner will visit the White House, meet the President of the United States, receive a new car, and most importantly receive more than $100,000 in scholarship earnings for college.

Evander Holyfield, five-time world champion, will be the keynote speaker. As a child, Holyfield took boxing lessons at the Boys & Girls Club of Atlanta and attributes much of his success to early encouragement in his life.

Abbie Burke, evening anchor/reporter for Fox 21 News, will be the master of ceremonies.

“We are thrilled to be able to honor the exceptional teens who are members of the Boys & Girls Club of the Pikes Peak Region,” said CEO and President James Sullivan. “They enrich our community in so many ways – and they are an inspiration to all of us here at the Club.”

· Brent Knight, freshman at James Irwin Charter High School
· Marissa Mitchell, freshman at James Irwin
· Dave Robinson II, sophomore at James Irwin
· Rebecca Starnes, sophomore at Coronado High School

Read more: Boys & Girls Club of the...

Pawns of Liberals

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Ordinary black people cannot afford to go along with the liberal agenda that calls for undermining police authority. That agenda makes for more black crime victims. Let's look at what works and what doesn't work.

In 1990, New York City adopted the practice in which its police officers might stop and question a pedestrian. If there was suspicion, they would frisk the person for weapons and other contraband. This practice, well within the law, is known as a Terry stop. After two decades of this proactive police program, New York City's homicides fell from over 2,200 per year to about 300. Blacks were the major beneficiaries of proactive policing. According to Manhattan Institute scholar Heather Mac Donald -- author of "The War on Cops" -- seeing as black males are the majority of New York City's homicide victims, more than 10,000 blacks are alive today who would not be had it not been for proactive policing.

The American Civil Liberties Union and other leftist groups brought suit against proactive policing. A U.S. District Court judge ruled that New York City's "stop and frisk" policy violated the 14th Amendment's promise of equal protection because black and Hispanic people were subject to stops and searches at a higher rate than whites. But the higher rate was justified. Mac Donald points out that while blacks are 23 percent of New York City's population, they are responsible for 75 percent of shootings and 70 percent of robberies. Whites are 34 percent of the population of New York City. They are responsible for less than 2 percent of shootings and 4 percent of robberies. If you're trying to prevent shootings and robberies, whom are you going to focus most attention on, blacks or whites?

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Repeal! No, Wait!

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Republicans promised to repeal the Affordable Care Act. But now they are hesitating.

I understand why.

Most Americans opposed Obamacare ever since the Democrats imposed it. But now that Congress actually might kill it, more (about half those polled) say, "Wait, I like Obamacare!" 

Once people get a subsidy, they'll fight to keep it -- fight hard.

People fight even to keep subsidies and guarantees that are obviously destructive. French job "protections," such as a 35-hour work week, have so wrecked France's economy that its socialist president tried to lengthen the work week, as well as raise the retirement age to 62 years old.
Thousands of people protested, blocking roads to airports. The reform plan died.

Greek day care workers took to the streets when their bankrupt government tried to get them to work more than 30 hours per week.
Recently, Mexico said it would stop subsidizing people's gasoline. Seems reasonable. But the riots were so severe that people died.
I hope Donald Trump's attempts to end bad programs have more success. But I won't count on it.

President Reagan promised to abolish both the Education and Energy Departments. But his Congress increased funding for Education.

Read more: Repeal! No, Wait!

Groundhog, shmoundhog, get to work!

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Minimum Wage and Discrimination

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There is little question in most academic research that increases in the minimum wage lead to increases in unemployment. The debatable issue is the magnitude of the increase. An issue not often included in minimum wage debates is the substitution effects of minimum wage increases. The substitution effect might explain why Business for a Fair Minimum Wage, a national network of business owners and executives, argues for higher minimum wages. Let's look at substitution effects in general.

When the price of anything rises, people seek substitutes and measures to economize. When gasoline prices rise, people seek to economize on the usage of gas by buying smaller cars. If the price of sugar rises, people seek cheaper sugar substitutes. If prices of goods in one store rise, people search for other stores. This last example helps explain why some businessmen support higher minimum wages. If they could impose higher labor costs on their less efficient competition, it might help drive them out of business. That would enable firms that survive to charge higher prices and earn greater profits.

There's a more insidious substitution effect of higher minimum wages. You see it by putting yourself in the place of a businessman who has to pay at least the minimum wage to anyone he hires. Say that you are hiring typists. There are some who can type 40 words per minute and others, equal in every other respect, who can type 80 words per minute. Whom would you hire? I'm guessing you'd hire the more highly skilled. Thus, one effect of the minimum wage is discrimination against the employment of lower-skilled workers. In some places, the minimum wage is $15 an hour. But if a lower-skilled worker could offer to work for, say, $8 an hour, you might hire him. In addition to discrimination against lower-skilled workers, the minimum wage denies them the chance of sharpening their skills and ultimately earning higher wages. The most effective form of training for most of us is on-the-job training.

An even more insidious substitution effect of minimum wages can be seen from a few quotations. During South Africa's apartheid era, racist unions, which would never accept a black member, were the major supporters of minimum wages for blacks. In 1925, the South African Economic and Wage Commission said, "The method would be to fix a minimum rate for an occupation or craft so high that no Native would be likely to be employed." Gert Beetge, secretary of the racist Building Workers' Union, complained, "There is no job reservation left in the building industry, and in the circumstances, I support the rate for the job (minimum wage) as the second-best way of protecting our white artisans." "Equal pay for equal work" became the rallying slogan of the South African white labor movement. These laborers knew that if employers were forced to pay black workers the same wages as white workers, there'd be reduced incentive to hire blacks.

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Smearing Team Trump

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Oh, no! I did it again.

It was a foolish mistake. But I slipped.

I read The New York Times.

This is bad for my health, because I get so mad at the smug socialist spin, but how can I not  read it? It's my hometown paper. My wife wakes me up with indignant questions like, "How can you say government is too big? The Times says ... "

Aargh! Nearly every day brings a new Times outrage.

Saturday, a front-page story smeared Labor Secretary nominee Andy Puzder.

The story begins, "Decades before President Trump nominated him ... Puzder went to battle with federal labor regulators ... "

Wait a second. " Decades before"? They went back decades to criticize him? Actually, three decades -- to 1983, when as a young lawyer, Puzder represented a client whom the Labor Department accused of squandering union money.

The Times went on to say: "He has repeatedly argued that economic regulations stifle economic growth."

Puzder "argued" that? Regulations obviously stifle growth. That's their purpose -- to protect workers by putting limits on businesses' pursuit of profit. Regulation is a big reason this post-recession recovery has been so weak.

Read more: Smearing Team Trump

Passing the torch at Jackson Automotive in Fountain, Colorado

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By Ed Duffy

Cory Burton’s first job was working for the business he and his wife Roze are now in the process of buying. Cory worked at Jackson Automotive for 5 years, under the training and mentorship of current owner, Dan Jackson. In the twelve years since, Cory has worked in landscaping, refinishing furniture and building/finishing custom homes. More recently he’s been a detention deputy for the Fremont Sheriff’s Department. Roze was, and still is an ambulance driver in Fremont. Their schedules were such that they barely got to see each other. They were looking for a way to be able to spend more time together as a family. When Cory heard that the Jacksons were moving and looking to sell their shop, they were very interested.

Cory and Roze have been working alongside Dan and Kim Jackson since November of 2016. The Jacksons and the Burtons wanted to ensure continuity of service for their customers. They want to ensure that a change in ownership and management is seamless and stress free from the other side of the counter.

Jackson Automotive Repair and Service is a full service shop. They’re also a TechNet Shop, which means they can offer 2 year/24,000 mile warranties on their work, no matter where you are in the country. TechNet is a network of independent shops, so if a covered repair is needed in Missouri on work you had done in Fountain, Colorado; no problem. Jackson offers MOOG suspension parts and has Jasper rebuilt engines and transmissions that come with a 3 year/100,000 mile warranty.

You’ll also find BG additives and products and Amsoil.

You’ll still find Jackson Automotive at 411 Royalty Place in Fountain, Colorado, at Exit 128 off I25 and at the same phone number: 719-393-1317. There are no changes on the web either. Visit them at and follow them on Facebook at

eBay partners with WineDirect to support thousands Of small and medium sized wineries

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New partnership expands eBay's wine offering by adding 1,400+ wineries

Press Release (PR Newswire)

Today, eBay announced a partnership with WineDirect bringing wine from around the world to its eBay Wine marketplace destination. The new partnership with WineDirect, the industry leader in direct-to-consumer (DTC) services for wineries, provides consumers direct access to inventory for these wineries, including wines not normally available online. This marks the latest expansion to eBay Wine's portfolio, which includes collectible, rare and everyday wines based on varietal, region, price and more.

Among those browsing and buying wine on eBay, a recent study found that champagne and red wine are the top two most searched wine-related terms, while the top-selling wine is a Pinot Noir from the vineyards in California.[i]

Over the coming months, eBay shoppers will have access to a large selection of red, white, sparkling and rosé wines from small and mid-size wineries through the WineDirect partnership. In addition, eBay customers will also be able to send wine bottles as gifts for upcoming special occasions or holidays, like Mother's Day.

"We're excited to empower small and mid-sized wineries by connecting them with eBay's millions of customers through our innovative partnership," said Joe Waechter, President and CEO of WineDirect. "This is a fantastic opportunity for wineries to share their passion and their product with new audiences, and for shoppers to gain unparalleled access to wines direct from the source."

"eBay's partnership with WineDirect gives millions of wine enthusiasts even more access to a massive selection of wine, allowing them to find that perfect bottle that suits any occasion," said Alyssa Steele, DMM of Home and Garden at eBay. "This relationship represents the next step in our efforts to bolster our wine category and ensure shoppers have access to fine, rare and everyday wines that they will love."

eBay's wine category will also expand to Germany later this month.

For more information, visit and follow @eBay on social.

Uber Executes Operating Agreement with Colorado Springs Airport

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Press Release (City of Colorado Springs)

The Colorado Springs Airport (COS) is pleased to announce that Uber, a Transportation Network Company (TNC), has executed an operating agreement with the Airport as of February 3, 2017 authorizing the company’s drivers to pick up and drop off passengers at COS effective immediately.
COS worked collaboratively with Uber and Lyft to implement new ground transportation rules and regulations with an operating agreement that would authorize them to provide ground transportation services at COS. “We recognize that the ground transportation landscape is evolving and that our customers are increasingly using TNCs like Uber and Lyft and welcome Uber to COS,” said Aviation Director Greg Phillips.

Infront Webworks welcomes new talent

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Press Release (RedEnergyPR)

Infront Webworks, an online agency and industry leader in web design, digital marketing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) welcomes Chris Wallace and Josh Holloway as the agency's new Senior SEO & Digital Marketing Specialists.

Wallace's experience in digital marketing, corporate training and leading workshops will support Infront's consulting meetups, workshops and online SEO ambassadorship initiatives.

Holloway will be responsible for SEO audits, researching buyer personas and developing and executing SEO and digital marketing strategies that deliver results to Infront's clients.

About Infront Webworks
Infront is a full-service Google Certified Partner online Agency. Through a team of renowned experts, the award-winning company provides clients with professional websites, search engine optimization (SEO), marketing, and cloud solutions that deliver client results; all under one roof. With 20 years in the industry, and countless “Best in Class Awards”, Certifications, and a client portfolio that includes brands like YMCA, Harley Davidson, Goodwill, GE Johnson, and over 800 other clients, Infront Webworks’ remains a trusted source for website solutions.

For more information on Intel Shooting Star drone light shows, visit “Intel Drones Light up the Sky,” and for more information on the Pepsi Zero Sugar Super Bowl LI Halftime Show, visit

Intel Drones - Streaming graphics in the sky

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(BUSINESS WIRE)--Today during the Pepsi Zero Sugar Super Bowl LI Halftime Show, Intel Corporation collaborated with the NFL, Pepsi and six-time GRAMMY®*-winning music icon, Lady Gaga, to create a unique drone light show experience to kick off her performance. Three hundred Intel® Shooting StarTM drones lit up the sky in a choreographed aerial performance marking the first-ever drone integration during a televised event and a Super Bowl.

As Lady Gaga’s performance began, Intel Shooting Star drones created a backdrop of colorful formations in the sky including twinkling stars that transformed into red and blue moving stars, before creating the American Flag for a dramatic finale that brought Lady Gaga to center stage on the field. Additionally, the Intel Shooting Star drones finished out the halftime performance by forming the Pepsi logo in the sky.

“Lady Gaga and the Super Bowl creative team wanted to pull off something that had never been done before and we were able to combine Intel drone innovation with her artistry to pull off a truly unique experience,” said Josh Walden, senior vice president and general manager, New Technology Group, Intel. “The potential for these light show drones is endless and we hope this experience inspires other creatives, artists and innovators to really think about how they can incorporate drone technology in new ways that have yet to even be thought of.”

At the conclusion of the Pepsi Zero Sugar Super Bowl LI Halftime Show, Intel also ran a 10-second spot featuring the Intel Shooting Star drones morphing from the Pepsi logo into the Intel logo.

The Intel Shooting Star drones are a new type of unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), specifically designed for entertainment purposes such as festivals and entertainment events. The purpose-built quadcopter drone is built with safety in mind and equipped with LED lights that can create over 4 billion color combinations and easily be programmed for any animation. For full details on Intel Shooting Star drones, visit the drone show fact sheet.

For more information on Intel Shooting Star drone light shows, visit “Intel Drones Light up the Sky,” and for more information on the Pepsi Zero Sugar Super Bowl LI Halftime Show, visit

Jariah Walker named Executive Director for Colorado Springs Urban Renewal Authority

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Press Release (City of Colorado Springs) 

Jariah Walker, who is currently the Acting Director of the Colorado Springs’ Urban Renewal Authority, will take over as Executive Director on February 1, 2017.

“Serving in the acting role these last two months, Jariah has provided excellent leadership and has displayed his own passion for and commitment to the betterment of our city,” said Peter Wysocki, the city’s planning director. “Jariah is a collaborative and dedicated leader and I am very pleased that the Board and City have selected him to continue to lead this effort.”

"Jariah is one of Colorado Springs’ most talented young executives,” said Wynne Palermo, CSURA Chair. “The board is excited to have him and we are confident he will accomplish our expectations to take us to a new level."  

Most recently Walker served as a senior economic development development analyst for the City of Colorado Springs.

“I’m honored that the CSURA board presented me with this opportunity and I look forward to working together on a number of great projects ahead,” said Walker. “Words cannot describe how much it means to me to be able to play an active role in the positive redevelopment of a number of areas in my own hometown.”

Prior to joining the city, Walker spent seven years as a senior partner with Walker Asset Management Realty, Inc. Walker serves on a number of committees, including the newly-formed Plan COS steering committee, charged with the two-year development of the city’s comprehensive plan. In addition, he is the economic team lead on the city’s sustainability committee and serves on committees with the Urban Land Institute, Strategic Plan, Business Climate Task Force and Renew North Nevada Plan.

New Shops at Meridian Ranch - Falcon, CO

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Press Release (

Meridian Ranch has announced that Splash Bath Pet Grooming, Meridian Service Metropolitan District, Nana’s Kitchen, Meridian Ranch Liquor and Papa John’s Pizza have opened their doors in The Shops at Meridian Ranch off Meridian Road and Stapleton Drive.

In addition, JAKs Brewing Co., a local Peyton favorite is putting the final touches on its brand new facility and is set to open March 2017.

With more than 2,000 homes expected by late 2017, services and amenities are needed to serve the growing population, presenting an excellent opportunity for dozens of business owners to offer Meridian Ranch residents and those in surrounding neighborhoods with more accessible retail options.
Several of The Shops’ tenants have chosen to live and work in the Meridian Ranch community, providing them with a deeper understanding of those they serve.

“We [Co-Founders Jeff and Ken] live here, so we were quick to recognize that there was a need for more options closer to home,” said Co-Founder of JAKs Brewing Co., Antonio Lee. “We chose to live here because we wanted to raise our families in a good community and Meridian Ranch has offered that and more, even rallying around our business. JAKs has that Cheers feel – where everybody knows you. We are the community and we love it here,” said Lee.

For more information on leasing opportunities, contact Olive Real Estate Group at 719-598-3000 and speak with James Justus, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or Steve Hunsinger, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


About Meridian Ranch
Located two miles north of Woodmen Road on Meridian Road, Meridian Ranch was created as a recreation and golf course master-planned community with landscaped parkways, tree-lined trails and wonderful amenities such as the Antler Creek Golf Course, Creek View Grill, quality schools and numerous neighborhood parks. Additionally, Phase 1 of The Lodge at Stonebridge is under construction and is expected to be completed in May of 2017.

The community features a state-of-the-art recreation center with an outdoor pool and a new indoor pool offering residents a wide variety of activities perfectly suited for an active, healthy lifestyle. As such, Meridian Ranch has attracted a demographic with a household income that is above the national average.

Dependable water, wastewater, storm water services and recreational amenities, parks and trails are provided by Meridian Service Metropolitan District, which plans for the future of this growing community.
Meridian Ranch is one of Colorado Springs’ fastest growing communities, planned for 4,000 homes at full build-out. Currently the community consists of 2,305 platted lots, more than 1,800 homes with more than 2,400 platted lots and 2,000 homes expected by late 2017.


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Better Business Bureau of Southern Colorado provides results of Innovative RAC investigation

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Consumers lost nearly $100,000 in deposits and payments to Innovative RAC in 2016.
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Better Business Bureau of Southern Colorado (BBB) has completed an investigation of a Southern Colorado company, Innovative RAC, a home improvement company, which also goes by Innovative Roofing and Construction.
The company has an address of 755 East Highway 105, #105, Monument, CO 80132, and a phone number of 719-213-1942. The listed principal for Innovative RAC is Jeffery Masias, who has also opened businesses under the names of Innovative Exteriors LLC, Busy Beaver Construction and JM Fencing and Landscaping.
BBB warns that this is NOT an accredited business. On May 2, 2016, this company's accreditation in BBB was revoked by BBB’s Board of Directors due to unresolved complaints, failure to maintain required licensing, and failure to provide BBB with all information required to evaluate compliance with BBB standards.
Further, on December 21, 2016, the Pikes Peak Regional Building Department’s Board of Review voted to revoke Jeffery Masias’ license based on the recommendation of the licensing committee’s motion from December 14, 2016. Such a license is required in Colorado Springs, El Paso County, Colorado, for businesses offering home improvement services.
BBB has processed and closed 17 complaints against Innovative RAC in the past 36 months, seven of which were processed and closed in the last 12 months. As BBB does not publish complaints until they are closed, the 17 complaints may not be all-encompassing of the complaints received by BBB of Southern Colorado. Consumers reported a total of nearly $100,000 in lost deposits and payments in 2016 to Innovative RAC.

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