God's Pantry plagued by after-hours dumping, Fountain, Colorado

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By Ed Duffy

Carey Adams, owner/operator of God's Pantry Ministry in Fountain, Colorado, is quick to point out that the vast majority of the community is very supportive and generous toward God's Pantry and the work they do to help the needy in the community. However, a few bad apples have driven their disposal costs to upwards of $1,000 per month by using their back lot as their own personal dumping ground after-hours.

Legitimate donations can be dropped off for the thrift store at 102 N. Main Street in Fountain from 8am to 5pm Monday through Saturday and from 11am to 3pm on Sunday. If you can't make it during those hours, just call 719-382-0643 and they'll be happy to arrange a pick-up.

The people who are showing up at night though, are not dropping goods that can be re-sold in the thrift shop or even given away to needy families. They're dropping off trash. Beat up mattresses and furniture and even tires are not only bulky, but incur an extra fee for disposal, which is probably why these late night dumpers do what they do. The expense is passed on to the ministry, which diverts resources from much more worthy causes like buying food for struggling families or their work helping to integrate newly released prisoners back into society.

Carey had an infrared security camera installed to help combat the problem, which was promptly knocked down and stolen. However, a new security camera is now in place, also infrared much higher up on the building. The police are trying to help, but in most cases, it's drop and dash. If you happen to  see someone dropping items after hours, don't try to play vigilante, but if you can get a license plate number or even a good description of the vehicle, please report it to Fountain P.D..

Carey also wants to point out that the local landfill has been very understanding and generous in their response to the problem, but even so, disposal fees are now her third highest monthly expenditure. She wants to thank the good people of the Fountain Valley and beyond for all of their support, and hopes to get this issue under control soon so that time and money can be spent where it's crucially needed.

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